Mritkaal (Hindi)

Posted on 23/03/2023 (IST 21:25 hrs) Translated version of English agitprop Mritkaal (The Era of Pharmakon) Translated by: Atreyee Dutta Roy A skit/Agitprop Dedicated to the DHFL victims  Naatkiye paatr Ek auraat: Ek bharatiya sena ke shaheed ki muslim vidva aur DHFL ghotaley ki shikaar. Chaddi: Sattaroodh Bhagwa Party/Hindutvavadin ke sadasye ya karyakarta. Liberandu: EkContinue reading “Mritkaal (Hindi)”

Topsy-Turvy Indian Governmentality: The Curious Case of the DHFL Scam

Posted on 12/03/2023 (IST 23:58 hrs) Updated on 18/03/2023 (IST 12:40 hrs) Here are some posters on the DHFL scam that throw light on its ambiguities, ambivalences, contradictions, irregularities, illegalities, void spaces and above all, the tale of politically motivated transformation of an ongoing, solvent, profitable company to an insolvent, bankrupt company. Though the formerContinue reading “Topsy-Turvy Indian Governmentality: The Curious Case of the DHFL Scam”


(The Era of Pharmakon) A Skit/Agitprop Dedicated to the DHFL Victims Posted on 05/03/2023 Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay ⤡ Akhar Bandyopadhyay ⤡ Dramatis Personae A Lady: a Muslim widow of an Indian army martyr and a victim of the DHFL scam Chaddi: a member or karyakarta of the ruling Saffron Party/Hindutvavadin The Man: a non-partisan political activistContinue reading “Mritkaal”

Occupy Dalal Street

Posted on 25/02/2023 “The conversion of money into capital has to be explained on the basis of the laws that regulate the exchange of commodities, in such a way that the starting-point is the exchange of equivalents. Our friend, Moneybags, who as yet is only an embryo capitalist, must buy his commodities at their value, mustContinue reading “Occupy Dalal Street”


Posted on 02/02/2023 Here is a presentation from a DHFL Victim, providing a “look back” to the biggest financial scam of India. It is the description of the misery due to bad governance. It provides for a silent resistance against the sorry state of affairs of the Indian economy.

Films Offerings to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India

Posted on 26/11/2022 Updated on 20/03/2023 IST 08.44 We, the citizens of India, are offering the following bouquet of films to the exceedingly Honourable PM Narendra Modi and the moral exemplar Home Minister Amit Shah in their joint crusade to restore the democratic values along with peace and tolerance by basing it on horizontal, non-violent mutualContinue reading “Films Offerings to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India”

I come to praise Modiji…

A NARRATIVE ON NARENDRA MODI’S ACHIEVEMENTS Posted on 29/11/2022 Updated on 30/11/2022 Encountering some neologisms in the context of Indian politics, I, an ardent andh-bhakt of Modiji, have cut a sorry figure to understand the meaning of some lexical entries. I think that these words targeted towards our hon’ble PM are totally contentless. Hence, IContinue reading “I come to praise Modiji…”