Human Rights Compromised in India under the Oligarchic Regime

Posted on 21/02/2022

We, the three musketeers, had separately appealed to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), India, for the violation of business-related human rights due to financial abuse in the context of the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) scam⤡ , through the following three appeals:




However, all three were “dismissed” on the same ground, viz.,

“The Commission may dismiss in limini complaints of the following nature:
(vii) the issue raised relates to civil dispute, such as property rights, contractual obligations and the like;”

What a deliberate semantic misinterpretation of our pleas!

It is a peculiar case of the gaps between perceptions and understandings, both of which were manufactured by the oligarchs– the Modicrazy. Thus, we are within the vicious circle of Hermeneutics.

The answers given by NHRC in response to our appeals suffer from a controlled, authoritarian system that breaks the communication between the exploited speaker and the hearing impaired hearer.

It is expected and even predicted by us that our appeal will be nullified by the chairs of NHRC, which are the servants of His Highness. Moreover, we have seen the recent verdicts of the Supreme Court of India on the Ram Temple Issue (the verdict was not signed by any members of the judicial bench), the post-Godhra pogrom clean chit, Demonetization and Bilkis Bano Rape Case. Even our Honourable Law Minister, Mr. Kiren Rijiju, is much eager to dissolve the Collegium System of electing judges. He prefers that the selection of judges by the legislature is better than carrying out autonomous elections within the judiciary.

Unseemly conflict: On Supreme Court-government tussle over the Collegium system VIEW HERE ⤡

We have also found that some of the Judges, the shoelickers of the ruling party, are getting post-judicial appointments in various administrative positions after their retirement.

Former Supreme Court judges who were appointed as governors post-retirement VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 13th February, 2023 ©Business Standard)

It must be noted that the CJI during the Ram Temple Verdict, Mr. Ranjan Gogoi, was nominated as the member of Rajya Sabha (Upper House) after his retirement as an award for his service to the team of oligarchs.

Ret’d CJI Gogoi nominated to Rajya Sabha ⤡

However, this very same Gogoi made negative remarks regarding the state of the Indian Judiciary. Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai! (Even the then Finance and Law Minister, Late Mr. Arun Jaitley, is also a prey to this type of hypocrisy: Jaitley On Judges’ Post-Retirement⤡):

Here’s proof that poor get gallows, rich mostly escape. VIEW HERE (As reported on JULY 21, 2015 © The Times on India) 

Judiciary ramshackled, going to court is useless: Ex-CJI Ranjan Gogoi  VIEW HERE (As reported on 14th February,  2021) © The Indian Express

“Who goes to the court? You go to the court and regret,” Gogoi said, adding that it is those who can afford to take chances, such as the big corporate, who approach the courts. “If you go to the court, you would be washing dirty linen in the court. You will not get a verdict,”

“You want a 5 trillion dollar economy but you have a ramshackled judiciary,” he commented, adding that during the pandemic, 60 lakh cases were added at the trial courts, 3 lakh in high courts and nearly 7,000 in the apex court.

“The road map is to have the right man for the job. You don’t appoint judges as you appoint officers in the government. To be a judge is a full time commitment. It is a passion. There are no working hours,” he said, stressing that the training of judges should be robust.

See also:

‘If you go to court, you don’t get a verdict,’ says former CJI Ranjan Gogoi VIEW HERE (As reported on Feb 13, 2021) ©

Mukul Rohatgi, Ex-Attorney General of India, the deux ex machina behind our miseries,  said in the NDTV interview (12/11/2020) by reiterating Hon. Justice Krishna Iyer, “Jurisprudence has gone astray, seem jail is rule, bail exception.”

So, we have lost faith in the Indian Judiciary and its various branches.

Nevertheless, we have got some lights of hope, when the Supreme Court refused to accept the closed envelope sent by the Central Government of India (The Executive) and refused to form the Collegium according to the whims and dictates of the latter.

Going back to the blatant rejection of our human rights’ appeals to the NHRC, it is no wonder for us that they did not care to uphold the sanctity of the financial rights of the victims of a politically manipulated financial scam, or else, the prestige of the ruling party will be at stake!

The incumbent NHRC chairperson, an Ex-judge, Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra, is nothing more than a stooge of the ruling party. View the links below to know more:

Amit Shah’s ‘untiring efforts’ for peace in J&K, Northeast ‘have ushered in a new age’: NHRC chief VIEW HERE  (As reported on 12th October, 2021 ©Indian Express)

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) published some highly pertinent and factual reports⤡ on the rampant human rights’ violation cases in the state of J&K.

The Indian government reacted in the following manner:

Kashmir: India Hits Out At UN Human Rights Body Over ‘Baseless’ Report VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 2nd December, 2021 ©Outlook)

The NHRC Chairman, however, has still defended alleged murderer Amit Shah’s so-called “new Kashmir era”:

NHRC chairman credits Home Minister Amit Shah for ‘new era in Jammu and Kashmir’ VIEW HERE  (As reported on 13th October, 2021 ©Indian Express)

Many Rights activists object to choice of NHRC chief A.K. Mishra VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 2nd June, 2021 ©The Hindu).

Thus, the ruling party’s shadow governance de facto influences the decision-making process of the so-called de jure “impartial”, “independent” Indian Judiciary!

In this type of situation, we, the victims of financial abuse manufactured by the crony government, are consoling ourselves by recalling the incidences of Bilkis Bano, Lakhimpur Kheri homicide, Hathras Rape and the Gala Day of the Rapists when they are not only released, but also commemorated with garlands and sweets or expressions designating them as “Brahmin sanskari” people! We are comparing our pain with the pain of other victims of this oligarchic regime.

Thus, our pain is reduced when we are trying to put ourselves in the tragic biography of Bilkis Bano! Though justice delayed is justice denied. We have to buy justice in the consumerist society.


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