Posted on 21/06/2022

Updated on 16/08/2022

In continuation to our letter to Mr. Ajay Piramal entitled THE DILEMMA OF SCHIZOPHRENIC SELVES: THE CHANGING NAMES OF COMPANIES UNDER THE PIRAMAL GROUP: A LETTER TO MR. AJAY PIRAMAL VIEW HERE ⤡, we have filed an RTI application on 21/06/2022 to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, seeking clarification as to which housing company owned by Mr. Piramal, Piramal CHF or Piramal Finance, has actually bought the DHFL, or, in other words, who exactly owns the DHFL now after the NCLAT verdict on 27/01/2022?

The following is the text of our RTI Application:

What is the identity Mr. Ajay Piramal’s Housing Finance Company? Is it Piramal Capital and Housing Finance (PCHF) or simply Piramal Finance? It has been noticed that Piramal CHF is missing from almost all the social and print media platforms, while Piramal Finance is being foregrounded. The question is: who bought Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) then? Piramal CHF or Piramal Finance?

The following file was attached as the supporting document to the RTI Application, containing the relevant questions in a more explicit manner along with supporting hyperlinks:

Attached below is a copy of the official RTI Application filed by us:

(Dear DHFL Victims, please keep in touch with this post since it will be updated according to the responses given by the concerned authority.)

See Also:


The RTI reply came through post on 11/07/22. In answer to our simple question, “WHO OWNS DHFL NOW: PCHF OR PIRAMAL FINANCE?”, the concerned authority has sent a peculiar answer, which is given as follows:

This is an end of dialogue in the context of autocratic society. You don’t have an access to information. Democracy is dead. Socratic dialogue ends. Here are two examples of such closure or halting of dialogue– authoritarian ritualization of dialogue constitutive universals/dialogue without manipulation:

Further Update (16/08/2022)

Surprising enough! One cannot put forth “Wh..” questions in any query to any public authority through the RTI! This ridiculous situation entails the “Amrit Mahotsav” of 76th Anniversary of India’s “Independence”. The pro-business tycoon government is supporting Mr. Ajay Piramal’s dubious company names by a peculiar shield: wilful ignorance is excuse! We are providing the screenshot as well as the complete pdf of the RTI reply, which ” disposed off” our questions.

Alas! What a sorry state of affairs for the Indian Democracy! Thanks Mr. Shukla for deploying tremendous labour for answering my questions. I cannot help but thank Mr. Shukla for his labour pain for answering our letter. However, his love’s labour has lost in the midst of crony and monopoly capitalism.


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    1. Ishan Ajitnarayan Chakrabarty says:

      Save us From Death. To the CJI of The Honorable Chief Justice of India


      1. Emotive praying without logical analysis of this event wont work.

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    After reading the PDF wp-1660669021493, I am vexed! RIP RTI!

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