Some open, controversial questions to Mr. Ajay Piramal regarding the DHFL Acquisition

Posted on 11/01/2023

Updated on 25/01/2023


Mr. Ajay Piramal

Sub: Some open questions to Mr. Ajay Piramal regarding DHFL Acquisition

Dear Piramal,

We have some unresolved questions to ask you. We know that you won’t answer the questions. Still, we are drowning persons, trying to catch a fig as we don’t have any faith in the Indian economy (where NSE is controlled by a supposed Himalayan Guru⤡) or other four pillars of democracy.

Whatever data we have gathered about yourself, we have already put together here:


Keeping in mind the characteristic features of your personality, we are following your favourite book, the Gita, by engaging in pariprasna (4.34):

Q1: In the 2011, at time of the UPA Government, in the course of an interview (cited below) you were frustrated with the Indian economic scenario. You had refused to invest in India as according to you, India is not transparent enough in business dealings and it is a corrupt country. However, at the time of the present NDA government and post-familial tie up with Mr. Mukesh Ambani, you are hurriedly jumping to acquire the DHFL by using transparently opaque unfair means. Why did you change your mind? Is it not self-contradictory?

The Sad Reason Why This Indian Billionaire Refuses To Invest In India VIEW HERE  (As reported on Dec 27, 2011 ©The Insider)

Some extracts from the above report are given as follows:

“Every large investment, there was no transparency,” Piramal said.

His dilemma is a worrying sign for India. With the country mired in corruption, bureaucratic red tape and unclear and changing government policies, many of the men who made their billions here are saying maybe it’s time to quit India. It’s got to be easier to do business elsewhere.

In May last year, Piramal’s healthcare business sold its generic drug operations to U.S. pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories for $3.8 billion. Piramal, a tall big man in a country that still measures prosperity by girth, was eager to set that cash pile to work. He wanted to expand one of his chemical plants, but was told it would take five years.

“The same plant could be set up in China in two years,” he said. “I love India, but my customer is not going to wait.”

“If you are an honest businessman in India, it’s very difficult to start up anything,” said Jamshyd Godrej, chairman of manufacturing giant Godrej & Boyce. “Companies are going to operate where they see the best opportunities and efficiency for their capital.”

There is another, unspoken element to all the complaints. To the extent that business in India ran on corruption, some of the old, dirty ways of doing things are being disrupted, freezing India’s already glacial bureaucracy, business leaders say.

Piramal is not unpatriotic. Each room in his executive suite is named after an Indian epic hero: Arjuna, the most pure; Dhananjay, acquirer and master of wealth. There’s a quote from the Upanishads scriptures on the wall.

Q2: In the regime of Modi Sarkar, how much money did you spend in a form of donation/political charity/terror funding to satisfy the itching palms of the BJP for acquiring the DHFL (still sub judice)? I may be wrong, but it is apparently clear to us that there is one-to-one correspondence between BJP’s astronomically increasing assets and abrupt bankruptcies in India? ⤡ 

“Depoliticization” of the DHFL Scam (?!) or a politically appropriated matter of fact (?!)VIEW HERE ⤡

It is a known fact (and matter of regret also) that Indian citizens are forbidden to file an RTI on any issue related to political parties as they are claimed to be non-public authorities. However, thanks to ADR⤡, we have found the partial picture of astronomically increased assets of the BJP within the last eight years. A political party is earning huge amounts of wealth without participating in any sort of productive work. 

Even in the Ram Temple issue, they have deceived the Hindus by collecting donations worth more than rupees 22 crores.

It is redundant to say that present overall economic scenario of India is miserable enough. 

You’re all caught up: RBI-appointed CoC for DHFL VIEW HERE ⤡

Q3: How do you rationalize and correlate your religious views (a staunch follower of Vaisnava dharma; an ardent admirer of Swami Vivekananda and disciple of Radhanath Swami⤡ ) with your business strategies (insider trading, unethical relationship with one member of the legislature, illegally acquiring the DHFL ignoring the two quasi-judicial court orders and by using dubious names⤡; how was it possible for you to acquire the DHFL by getting quick, hurried approval from the NCLAT, which is quite inconceivable in the context of the pending cases in the Indian judiciary? Are you more equal than the other⤡ ordinary citizens of India)? 

Do you think that all these acts are against the ethos of your dharma? Your spouse is also somehow related to another controversial religious guru, viz. Sadhguru. I wish to understand the relationship among gangsters, business tycoons and political leaders in the context of Indian economy.  Dismantle the unholy nexus: pseudo-holy “men”, gangsters, business tycoons and the theocratic establishment VIEW HERE ⤡

·        Are you pāpayoni or the nimitta kāraṇa for creating carceral society? A Letter to Mr. Ajay Piramal and Mrs. Swati Piramal VIEW HERE ⤡

·        Ajay Piramal hypocritically smashing the Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma (a letter to Śrīmat Rādhānātha Svāmī)  VIEW HERE ⤡

Q4: Despite being awarded CBE, why are you shy enough to advertise it? Are you showing your Vaisnavi Vinaya (humble modesty is the key feature of Vaisnava Dharma) through this?

An Open Letter to the Honourable Queen of the United Kingdom regarding the Honorary CBE awarded to Mr. Ajay Piramal VIEW HERE ⤡

It is also to be noticed that your social media accounts are locked. Are you scared of the uncomfortable questions on your deeds? Or, otherwise, is it an instance of work without self-assertion as expected from a vaisnava? Simply speaking, why are you hiding yourself from the masses as if you have done some wrongs, which are measured according to community standards?

Considering the above, you are clearly violating the Tort Law.

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind

The answer is blowin’ in the wind…


Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Mrs. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Akhar Bandyopadhyay

A Victimized Family of Bewildered, Beleaguered, Perplexed, Anguished, Anxious, Hapless, Helpless and Ailing DHFL FD Holders


बहुजनहिताय बहुजनसुखाय च॥

(“For the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many”)


In answer to one of the DHFL Victims’ e-mail, Piramal CHF aka Piramal Finance answered in the following manner:

What an audacity (refer to the red marked part)!!!

How dare you make such an illegal statement, when the DHFL case is still pending in the court of law!

Dear Piramal CHF aka Piramal finance employee,

may you please answer the following question?

If you obey only the RBI-appointed CoC’s decision, which, according to NCLAT second order, is “contrary to law”,

why did you take such a hurried, privileged recourse to the:

A. NCLAT to nullify NCLT’s first verdict (19/05/2021)?

B. the SC to refute NCLAT’s second verdict (01/03/2022)?

You must ignore NCLT, NCLAT & even the SC in order to maintain the status quo of the ” illegal” RBI appointed CoC’s decision!

Why are you so worried about NCLT’s first verdict & NCLAT’s second verdict, Mr. Piramal, CBE?


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