Ajay Piramal hypocritically smashing the Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma (a letter to Śrīmat Rādhānātha Svāmī)

Posted on 7th October, 2021

Updated on 18th December, 2022


His Holiness Śrīmat Rādhānātha Svāmī,

Honourable Founder and Coordinator, Sri Sri Radha-Gopinath Ashram,

Mumbai, India


Honourable Member, Governing Body Commission, ISKCON 

Sub: Violent Exploitation of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL)’s FD, NCD and Shareholders by Śrī Ajay Piramal by using the mask of Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma

I.                   LET US INTRODUCE OURSELVES:

We, the undersigned, sons, daughters or transgender (cf. the praxis of Rādhāballabha  sampradāya or rādhābhāva-sādhanā of the Vaiṣṇava Dharma), of the Western Enlightenment, frankly speaking, are sceptics, atheists or otherwise agnostics, belonging to mānavagotra, species-being, homo sapiens sapiens as earthians. Therefore, we are depending on our first major premise “Doubt Everything”. We are not deviating from the Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā in this case, thus spoke Śrī Kṛṣṇa:

तद्विद्धि प्रणिपातेन परिप्रश्नेन सेवया |

उपदेक्ष्यन्ति ते ज्ञानं ज्ञानिनस्तत्त्वदर्शिन: || 4: 34||

We are, in fact, keeping our faith on the following sloka of the Gītā, where the superiority of jñānayajña, the performance of wis(h)dom, is depicted:  

श्रेयान्द्रव्यमयाद्यज्ञाज्ज्ञानयज्ञ: परन्तप |

सर्वं कर्माखिलं पार्थ ज्ञाने परिसमाप्यते || 4: 33||

Kindly note that your disciple, Śṛī Ajay Piramal uses the jñānamudrā-icon as the logo for his business enterprise.

However, surprisingly enough, we do not have faith in the following two facts or fictions (the differAance [sic. a la Derrida. cf. acintyabhedābheda tattva, identity-in-difference] between vyāvahārika and prātibhāsika satyas are blurred to us due to our viṣādajāta ajñāna) after knowing yourself from your book, The Journey Home and various lectures as well as posts on the social media. Therefore, we are reiterating here what Advaitācārya pronounced after meeting Śrī Mahāprabhu:

“I bow to thee, that art what thou art!”

‘tat tvam asi’

The first fact/fiction is that religious preachers are depicted as villains in the popular Bollywood movies, viz., Kissa Kursi Ka (Tale of Throne), Oh My God (OMG), PK, Dharam Sankat Mein (Religion in crisis) etc. Even Satyajit Ray showed this in his two classic movies: Mahapurush (The Holy Man) and Joy Baba Felunath (The Elephant God). Gurus have the collusion or unholy nexus with the superrich business tycoons and corrupt ruling political parties. However, we do not want to fall into the trap of ativyāpti doṣa or hasty generalization following those “fictitious” (!?) films.

The second fact/fiction is that, according to certain conspiracy theorists, ISKCON has a deep connection with the CIA:

Soviet Says Hare Krishna Cloaks Hide C.I.A. Daggers VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 31st July, 1983 © The New York Times)

Even there were many allegations of “abusive activities” within the premises of the ISKCON: 

ISKCON commune in West Virginia gets mired in murder, child molestation, kidnapping storm VIEW HERE  (As reported on 15th May, 1987 ©India Today)

ISKCON front for money laundering: Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati VIEW HERE  (As reported on 9th February, 2016 ©The Economic Times)

It is to be noted that the CIA is infamous for its religious intervention and manipulation for destabilizing the sovereignty and integrity of prātibhāsika imagined boundaries of nation states.

The Religious Crusades of the CIA VIEW HERE  (As reported on 21st January,  2015©The India Facts)

It is also to be noted that the above report was published at the time of flourishing of violent religious extremism in India.

However, despite such narratives, there are strong protests with Vaiṣṇavī vinaya (tṛṇād api sunīcena/ taror api sahiṣṇunā/ amāninā mānadena/ kīrtanīyaḥ sadā hariḥ– Śikṣāṣṭaka 3) from the part of ISKCON regarding such controversial allegations. It was also told that Śrīla Prabhupāda was poisoned and ISKCON was hijacked by the CIA!   

Are ISKCON devotees CIA agents? VIEW HERE  (As reported on 15th July, 2015 ©Chaitanya Charan Prabhu)                                                                                          

ISKCON: A Critical Analysis VIEW HERE  (As reported on 5th December, 2019 ©Saffron Research and Analysis Wing S-RAW भगवा अनुसन्धान एवं विश्लेषण संस्था)

Despite such allegations, whether false or not, we are approaching to you regarding one of your superrich disciple, Śṛī Ajay Piramal. In fact, all of the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) scam victims are bogged down by two facts related to the DHFL Scam. On the one hand there is an alleged collusion among the BJP, Dawood-Mirchi and the DHFL VIEW HERE ⤡  and on the other hand, Śṛī Ajay Piramal’s violent exploitation of the DHFL victims and relationship with the allegedly CIA-connected ISKCON. Is he an economic hitman? Is he a deśadrohī? Or, a staunch follower of Vaiṣṇava Dharma? Is non-violent Vaiṣṇava Dharma being pretentiously utilized by him as a mask?

Watch: Ambani family arrives at ISKCON temple with Ajay Piramal⤡ 



We have seen the following discussion among Alfred Ford, Ajay Piramal, Sangita Reddy and you. 

Purpose of Business & Role of Wisdom VIEW HERE  (As reported on ©Hare Krsna TV)

Peculiarly enough, the anchor of the above programme, mispronounced the first mantra of the Īśopaniṣad:

ईशा वास्यमिदँ सर्वं यत्किञ्च जगत्यां जगत् ।
तेन त्यक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यस्विद्धनम् ।। १ ।।

We are emphasizing on the last line of the mantra, where the irresistible greed for others’ wealth is condemned by using the verb गृधः (vulture-rūpaka is associated with the Sanskrit root) and the supreme tyāgadharma is foregrounded. 

When, in the above-mentioned video, Śṛī Ajay Piramal is talking about taking care of senior citizens during the pandemic, he himself, at that very moment, is antithetically depriving a host of senior citizens, who are the victims of the DHFL Scam. For the detailed discussion on this scam, please spend your valuable time for this worldly matter:


Thus, he is coveting others’ wealth like a vulture, according to the perspective of the DHFL victims, by providing deceptive lip-service like the political leaders.

All this is expected from a businessman or vaiśya (according to गुणकर्मविभागशः, Gītā, 4:13)thus spoke Śṛī Kṛṣṇa:  

मां हि पार्थ व्यपाश्रित्य येऽपि स्युपापयोनय|
स्त्रियो वैश्यास्तथा शूद्रास्तेऽपि यान्ति परां गतिम् || 9:32||

Since merchants along with śūdra and women are of sinful birth (पापयोनय:though we do not believe in caste and gender discrimination), Ajay Piramal, as a business tycoon, is no exception to this “divinely-ordained” rule. However, he has not taken his refuge to Śṛī Kṛṣṇa (मामेकं शरणं व्रज– Gītā, 18:66).

Not only that, he also, through his karma (we are not talking about agnihotrādikarma), undermined several dictums of the Gītā when he has adopted allegedly ‘unfair means’ to occupy DHFL by looting many FD, NCD and Shareholders, just like a vulture.

Our obstacle is now your beloved disciple, Ajay Piramal, as Śṛī Piramal is performing his deeds against the underlying ethos of the Gītā:

इष्टान्भोगान्हि वो देवा दास्यन्ते यज्ञभाविता|
तैर्दत्तानप्रदायैभ्यो यो भुङ्क्ते स्तेन एव || 3: 12||

Śṛī Piramal is clearly disobeying the Vaiṣṇava ideal of austerity (kṛcchasādhana) by financially abusing the DHFL Victims. He is solely taking care of his own worldly enjoyment by ignoring the lived miseries of the thousands of innocent DHFL Victims, who had invested their hard-earned life-savings in the said company! Thus, he is committing heinous “pāpa“, a grievous sin by outrightly engaging in adharma, as per the dictates of the Bhagavad Gītā.

यज्ञशिष्टाशिनसन्तो मुच्यन्ते सर्वकिल्बिषै|
भुञ्जते ते त्वघं पापा ये पचन्त्यात्मकारणात् || 3: 13||

Śṛī Ajay Piramal’s main problem is his greedy attachment (lobha ripu). In the Gītā, Śrī Kṛṣṇa further says:

त्रिविधं नरकस्येदं द्वारं नाशनमात्मन|
कामक्रोधस्तथा लोभस्तस्मादेतत्त्रयं त्यजेत् || 16: 21||

It is a case of severe hypocrisy on the part of Śṛī Piramal. As Marxists are not following Marx, as Śṛī Ramakrishna Mission is not following the noble Rāmakṛṣṇa-Vivekānanda tradition, thus any institutionalized, organized and regimented religion do not follow their scriptures. In an exceedingly similar manner, Piramal Group is hypocritically utilizing the Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma as their means (nimitta). Therefore, we wrote a sarcastic letter to the Prime Minister of India regarding Śṛī Caitanya’s caste and creedless society by ridiculing religious extremism of the ruling party of India: 

Exclude Śṛī Caitanya for his sympathetic affiliation with Muslims and Lower-Castes with sinful birth: a Letter to the Prime Minister of India 

We know very well that Śṛī Piramal is not Raghunātha Dāsa, the son of a very rich revenue-farmer, escaped from his home at Saptagram in Bengal, joined the Master Śṛī Caitanya at Puri and lived in utter lowliness by begging. Apart from such narrative of renunciation of svatva (my-ness or entitlement or possessedness), we, the lesser mortals, must also emphasize on the economics of austerity as preached by Buddha and Śṛī Caitanya through mādhukarī (we are citing from Śṛī Caitanya Caritamrita by Kṛṣṇadāsa Kavirāja and Translated by  noted historian Jadunath Sarkar), depending on the dictum: “From Each According To His Ability, From Each According to His Needs”, without stealing others’ surplus labour like a blood-sucking parasite:   

‘…Kashi Mishra and the Parichha arrived and did obeisance to the Master. Delighted to see so many Vaisnavas, they were introduced to all with due courtesy. Then they entreated the Master, “Permit us to make arrangements for these Vaishnavs. We have chosen lodgings for all and shall serve them with the maháprasáda.” The Master replied,

“Gopinath! Take the Vaishnavs with you and bestow them in the lodgings chosen for them. Deliver the mahá-prasád to Vaninath, who will distribute it to all. Close to my place is a very lonely house in this flower-garden. Let me have it, as I need it for lonely meditation.”

Then Mishra said, “All is thine, and this begging is needless. Take whatever houses you please. We two are slaves waiting for your bidding. Be pleased to command us in whatever you wish for.”

But Sanátana declined saying, “I shall rove (begging alms) like the bee. Why should I procure all my food from one Brahman’s house?’

Your disciple, Śṛī Piramal, maybe nearer to your temple, but far from Lord Viṣṇu. Instead, in the deleterious Kurukṣetra of the world, the DHFL FD, NCD and Shareholders (many of them are ailing senior citizens), are victimized by the superrich Śṛī Piramal, your disciple. All the DHFL Victims are in the initial stage of Arjuna, who is suffering from extreme viṣāda due to his existential crisis and suffering. My Lord, please rescue us from this ever-continuing viṣādayoga by the power of your acalā bhakti. Please metamorphose this adharmāvṛta Kurukṣetra into the virtuous dharmakṣetra. Let us end our letter to you by hearing a messianic sloka from the Gītā, as sung by Jagjit Singh: 

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya | Jagjit Singh⤡

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Mrs. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Akhar Bandyopadhyay

A Victimized Family of Bewildered, Beleaguered, Perplexed, Anguished, Anxious, Hapless, Helpless and Ailing DHFL FD Holders


PS: Kindly note that we have not used any usual salutation or exchange of greetings (phatic communion a la Bronislaw Malinowski), e.g., Haribol or Harekṛṣṇa, usually practised by the Vaiṣṇavas. It is difficult to become a true Vaiṣṇava—we are far from that. So, we do not want to give lip service, instead we wish to put a question (परिप्रश्न), raised by a subaltern Vaiṣṇava school (often referred to as “obscure cult”),viz., Sāhebdhanī Sampradāya,

“If you merely chant the arbitrary signifier ‘molasses’ (guḍa) repeatedly using our tongue, may our tongue be sweetened by the same? Likewise, will chanting the name of ‘Hari’ in a ritualistic manner lead to an appearance of Hari himself?”

Following the jñānamārga, we are subscribing ajapā sādhana. 

बहुजनहिताय बहुजनसुखाय च॥

(“For the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many”)




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Are you pāpayoni or the nimitta kāraṇa for creating carceral society? A Letter to Mr. Ajay Piramal and Mrs. Swati Piramal VIEW HERE



  1. Akhar Bandyopadhyay says:

    Reblogged this on Akhar Bandyopadhyay.

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  2. deepakchamaria says:

    Swami ji please.do what bhagwad gita teaches in this case ” Lord Krishna points out that the desire for wealth and its usage must be as per the scriptural injunctions otherwise it is materially binding. This eventually leads to, amongst other things, one’s character being tainted.

    One finds that Bhishma and Drona were obliged to take the side of Duryodhana because of his financial assistance, although they should not have accepted such a position simply on financial considerations.

    Bhishmadev also points out:

    Man is a servant of wealth. Wealth is not a servant of anyone. O king, I have been bound by wealth to the Kauravas. (Mahabharata 6.41.36)

    Lord Krishna states that money should not be acquired by illegal means because this is a symptomatic of demoniac mentality.

    …Bound by a network of hundreds of thousands of desires and absorbed in lust and anger, they secure money by illegal means for sense gratification. (BG 16.6)

    But at the same time one must not hesitate to earn money legally especially if the resources are utilized for religious purposes.

    Lord Krishna highly recommends proper utilization of funds – danam (charity) is one of the divine qualities (BG 10.5) and is mentioned numerous times in the Bhagavad Gita. In fact, Lord Krishna states that:

    Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up; they must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls. (BG 18.5)

    There is no specific advice for finance or making money in Bhagavad Gita. There is a verse to state that people who wish to make wealth often go to God. In the overall context, Bhagavad Gita teaches us to do all duties as per Dharma. Let me simply put Dharma as ‘the righteous manner’. This means one can earn wealth in a righteous way. Here the reference is 4 purusharthas specified as objectives of any human being. They are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Dharma is not only an objective, also a means. So means are important as much as the goal. Earning wealth by the principle of Dharma means wealth by righteous ways for the necessity of sustaining oneself and his/her family. Any act as per Dharma should be without any motive. So profit motive, cheating, deceit, swindling, trickery are to be avoided. But what if one does it? Just like any action which is not in accordance with Dharma, the result of action will be equally be bad. Every action will have a reaction. Every bad action will have a bad reaction. Every good action will have good reaction. So earning money more than that needed for one’s or one’s and family is adharmic. This principle of Dharma is not only for making wealth, but also in the action for procreation (marriage, sex, family, etc.). Since Bhagavad Gita comprehensively teaches us the essence of the Upanisads, the first verse in Ishavasya Upanisad is very significant. In fact according to Mahatma Gandhi, this verse, if truly followed by all will solve all economic problems of the world. The second part of the verse states, take what you need, rest you leave it for others. So satisfying need is important, not desires.

    Now what if you have lot of wealth? Since you do not need all the wealth, it says give the rest as charity. It does not mean one must donate all extra money. You can help the weaker sections of the society, old and aged people, sick, and really needy. Do not do it for name and fame, because the action should be selfless, i.e. motiveless. This is true service. Let me tell you a small anecdote about Swamy Vivekananda and Rockefeller. During his visit to Chicago in between speeches, Rockefeller, even then rich, wished to meet Swamy Vivekananda to seek his advice on what he should with money. As Swamy was preoccupied, Rockefeller had to wait. When they met, Rockefeller was annoyed at delay. Swamy Vivekananda asked how much he had then in hand. He had plenty. Swamy advised him to go back, spend it all and then come back. Rockefeller, irritated, went out. He was not sure what he should spend on. He saw a poor man on the streets and he gave some money to him. That suddenly brought a different outlook. He felt he had the answer to the question which he wanted to pose to Swamy Vivekanada. Though he met Swamy Vivekananda later, by that time, he had created Rockefeller foundation and started a lot of charity. Rockefeller was a changed man altogether. I do not know whether he earned all wealth earlier through Dharmic means, but definitely later in life understood the essence of financial management.

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  3. ravindramahidhar says:

    Pujya Shri,

    With due respect, I am being 66years old CHILDLESS, poor widow senior citizen (residing in an old age home) constrained to seek your kind intervention & help which is required immediately & immensely.

    On behalf of 77,000 poor, innocent (majority of us are senior citizens), I appeal you to convince your disciples Piramal family to please apply learnings of Bhagvad Geeta (preached by you) in their professional life also & pay our life long hard earned money which is only survival support tool for us which we have invested in AAA rated DHFL Fixed Deposits.

    Since last 2 years, we have left no stone unturned by appealing all the authorities which includes President & Prime Minister of India, Finance Minister, Home Minister, RBI, NCLT, NCLAT, Supreme Court but NONE have shown any courtesy to reply to our appeals.

    As we have lost all our hopes and forced to commit suicide, I appeal you to come to our rescue and convince Mr. Ajay Piramal to pay our FULL money which is a very small amount.

    This will protect him and his family from severe punishment from almighty God.

    Now, the time has come for you to remind Piramals to prove their humanity & practice the Bhagvad Geeta’s preaching which is being shown in enclosed video released by them.

    Watch “Dr Swati Piramal on Geeta” on YouTube

    With deep respects and regards,

    Yours sincerely,
    Ravindra Laxmidas Mahidhar

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  4. Dear Swamiji, Mr. Piramal is a stain for your stainless institutes.

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  5. Akhar Bandyopadhyay says:

    Profit, a sin, means sucking surplus labour of others by the parasites (business tycoons, cronies) who are not practicing socially necessary labour like Brahmjna Asvapati or Janaka following the rules of lokasamgraha (cf. Gita, 3:20, 3:25).

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  6. It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re totalitarian institutions – you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. ~Noam Chomsky https://t.co/wO0GMY93CM)

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  7. kedar kamat says:

    how do i get in touch

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    1. Website @Wordpress: https://onceinabluemoon726729221.wordpress.com/

      Email ID: contactus@onceinabluemoon2021.in

      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oiabm2021/

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/oiabm2021

      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onceinabluemoon2021

      LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13949066/

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