Dismantle the unholy nexus: pseudo-holy “men”, gangsters, business tycoons and the theocratic establishment

Posted on 1st June, 2022

Updated on 28th June, 2022

In the course of our long journey for revealing the scams of the DHFL⤡, we have surprisingly found that in the context of crony capitalism and Indian pluri-religious society, business tycoons are undeniably related to the shadow-economy of the fraud gurus, gangsters and the ruling party. When we googled the name of Jaggi Vasudev alias Sadhguru, we found numerous examples of frauds, scams and scandals associated with his name. Like Radhanath Swami⤡ and Baba Ramdev, Sadhguru is also found de facto guilty in many cases with legal conflicts. While viewing these facts or fictions, we accidentally found that Mrs. Swati Piramal, wife of Mr. Ajay Piramal, is not only related to androcentric Sadhguru, but also to alleged criminal Radhanath Swami.  

Dr. Swati Piramal In Conversation With Sadhguru _ TiE Global Summit 2020 _ InnerEngineering VIEW HERE ⤡

We are really shocked to see Mrs. Swati Piramal (W/O Mr. Ajay Piramal), who was using the name of Sant Kabirdas, a pauper with great wisdom maintaining the economics of austerity, to further the crude profiteering ends of the corporate world. It is a matter of regret that neither Radhanath Swami nor Sadhguru are little bothered about the heinous sin committed by Ajay Piramal in the case of the DHFL scam. Are they really gurus or mere opportunists, acting under the guise of the saffron attire?

We are condemning such selving of Kabirdas and other proponents of the moneyless social order by the business tycoons in their entrepreneurship endeavours and management. Their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is nothing but an eye-wash to evade their income tax!  

Many allegations are directed towards Sadhguru on the various media platforms. Not only that, whenever we are listening to Sadhguru’s impeccable English diction, a mesmerizing effect is invariably entangling the bhakts, leading them to unquestioningly believe in the so-called “holy” words of the godman. However, in terms of the content of his enunciations, we have often detected pseudo-scientific, illogical statements, misogynistic comments as well as the predominance of fake news.

However, why do we find such peculiar collusion among the favoured business tycoons, the ruling party, the gangsters and the religious gurus? We cannot help but quote Marx in this regard in the context of the hungry India. As Marx prophetically said:

“Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

We approached a social scientist to dispel our doubts. She said that it is a case of hegemonic selving of the other 99%. The business tycoons utilize religious gurus and the ruling party to hypnotize the consumer/homo consumens, by shifting his/her focus away from the real socio-economic miseries.

Crony capitalist lip-services by citing sacred books are nothing but tricks of advertisement. On the contrary, we are surprised to find that in all the happiest countries of the world, majority of the citizens are pronounced atheists/agnostics/non-religious/non-believer persons.

Nevertheless, in the pluri-religious state, the act of manipulation has been done with the help of super-rich religious gurus.


In conclusion, one must decipher this collusion or nexus and must protest against such misuse of the true dharma, viz., the code of virtuous, dutiful conduct.

If gurus are really gurus, then why do they not pay any heed to the abject sufferings of the people? Are they only dedicated to the super-rich disciples?

Some relevant links are provided below (among many others):


  1. Kirit Doshi says:

    I am senior citizens loss all my life saving kindly help

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  2. Ishan Ajitnarayan Chakrabarty says:

    My Mother is a Senior Citizen Woman losing her entire life saving of 15 lacs. Please 🙏 Help


    1. Ishan Ajitnarayan Chakrabarty says:

      Please 🙏 Save my Mom Debu Da


    2. Emotive appeal or mere praying wont work. We need logico-legal explanation of such devastating situation.

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