Once in a Blue Moon Academia (OBMA): MOA

under Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860)

  1. The name of the Society shall be the “Once In A Blue Moon Academia”.
  2. The objects of the Society shall be :

2.1.  to promote and to protect human and animal rights in all parts of the world,  study and dissemination of promotion knowledge of International Human Right related issues along with convergences of different disciplinary studies in accordance with the Philosophy of Science(s), to solve the problems related to anthropogenic global heating, to develop theory and methods, and their utilities in research and practical applications (e.g., in case of litigations related to financial abuse; psychiatric problems due to unemployment neurosis and financial abuses etc.; problems of climate change-related issues) generally, with special reference to natural and social welfare  through non-violent means.

2.2. to undertake research in various fields of legal and psycho-social sciences, with a goal to the reduce human suffering as far as possible with a special emphasis on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, especially on the third pillar in this context, “Access to remedy for victims of business-related abuses”. That is, “Protect, Respect and Remedy” (one of the 31 principles implemented by the United Nations) for all on the issues of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

 2.3.  to provide for, and undertake, the collection of information, investigations, projects and operational researches for purposes of planning and the improvement of efficient legislature as well as humane societal norms  for the welfare of suffering human and non-human beings.

2.4. to undertake any other ancillary activities in fulfillment of the 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 above.

3. For and in connection with the furtherance of its objects or any of them, the society shall have power :

3.1. to hold meetings, and arrange lectures, seminars, discussions, conferences, instructions, legal and medical cases and courses of studies ;

3.2. to establish, maintain, and manage and assist in the establishment and maintenance of legal societies, schools, colleges, training institutions (especially on disaster management with the help of Indian Army and Navy), education centres, laboratories, workshops, factories, experimental farms, research units, clinics, medical and biological units, libraries, reading rooms and museums;

3.3. to provide facilities for advanced studies and researches in philosophy of science(s) referred to in the objects of the society;

3.4. to create posts and to employ officers (e.g., Health Care Providers, Legal Advisors/Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Academicians), workers, contractors and others as necessary on salary, allowance, honorarium or wages or piece-rate remuneration or without remuneration whole or part-time or on causal basis;

3.5. to create working centres, branches, divisions, departments, faculties, sections and units for the proper and efficient conduct of the activities of the Society in different sectors including legal and medical sectors ;

3.6. to hold examinations and to award diplomas, certificates, and other distinctions including conferment of degrees as permissible under law for proficiency in areas referred to in the objects of the Society ;

3.7. to undertake investigations including field work and to prepare reports on legal and medical issues on its own behalf or on behalf of or in cooperation or collaboration with Government or other institutions, organizations, parties or persons ;

3.8. to publish books, periodicals, reports, research and working papers and other materials at its own cost or with grants or other assistance received for the purpose and to contribute to the cost of the above classes of publications and to sell such publications, to distribute them gratuitously or at reduced prices, and for the aforesaid purpose to establish and maintain directly or in collaboration with other agencies, printing presses, photographic agencies or other methods of reproduction, and other technical establishments ;

3.9. to develop the research and teaching activities of the Society with the approval of appropriate authorities, into an organization having the status of a university ;

3.10. to take appropriate steps for the Society and/or its diplomas, certificates, degrees registered and/or recognized in different parts of India and in Foreign countries ;

3.11. to carry on directly or in collaboration with associated or subsidized agencies researches for the development of and to make, construct, manufacture or produce computing and scientific instruments, machines, equipment, appliances and tools ;

3.12. to organize, establish, affiliate, carry on and maintain, dissolve, disaffiliate or give up working centres, branches, or associated or other institutions having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the Society;

3.13. to amalgamate with the Society any other organization having objects wholly or in part similar to those of the Society, or to amalgamate the Society with such organizations ;

3.14. to cooperate with Government, universities, associations, societies, institutions and organizations, who are working with the problems of legal and medical sufferings and to establish outlying centres;

3.15. to establish and maintain contact with researches, studies and activities carried out in different parts of the world in areas referred to in the objects 3 of the Society and with persons working in these fields in different parts of the world through joint and cooperative studies and projects, meetings, conferences and interchange of visits and otherwise.

3.16. to accept endowments, gifts and donations, fees, block grants, rents and other funds and payments in lieu of goods or legal and medical services etc. rendered; to invest funds; to borrow or otherwise raise money; to purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire, and sell, let out or give on lease or otherwise dispose of movable and immovable properties ;

3.17. to receive security deposits in cash or otherwise in connection with the activities of the Society;

3.18. to incur expenditure and make all necessary financial arrangements for carrying on the work of the Society ;

3.19. to make donations and grants or give subscriptions and otherwise assist individual workers, institutions or associated bodies when this is considered desirable for the furtherance of the objects of the Society or any of them;

3.20. to establish, maintain or continue one or more Provident Fund or Superannuation Fund or similar funds for the benefit of workers of the Society and such other persons on whom Provident Fund benefits can be conferred by the Society ;

3.21. to create or constitute funds under its own management or under the management of such authorities, agencies, institutions or associations as may be considered suitable for purposes of carrying out such work as may be entrusted to them in the interest of the Society and of the Society’s workers or for the furtherance of the objects of the Society or any of them, and to pay into such funds such amounts as may be considered necessary from time to time for carrying out the aforesaid activities ;

3.22. to develop lands and to construct, build, alter or demolish roads,  drains, waterworks,  buildings, structures, and other works for the purpose of the greening the earth with eco-friendly architectures  without harming the nature as far as possible with a goal to establish networked decentralized self-dependant rural communities, following Tagorean and Gandhian philosophies.   

3.23. to establish and maintain directly, or through suitable subsidized or other agencies, green architectures for hostels, mess, guest houses, housing tenements and colonies, canteens, transport, organizations including night schools, adult education centres, health homes, clubs and cooperative organizations for proper and efficient performance of the activities of the Society and/or for the welfare of its workers and their families, students, and associated workers ;

3.24. to do all or any of the above things in any part of the world as principals, agents, contractors, trustees or otherwise and either alone or in conjunction with others ;

3.25. to frame rules and regulations and to modify or rescind the same from time to time;

3.26. to make, alter or rescind statutes, Bye-laws and standing orders in such manner as may be laid down by rules and regulations ;

3.27. to take such other action or actions as may be incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects of the Society or any of them.

4. Subject to any eligibility qualifications that may be laid down from time to time, the membership of the Society shall not be restricted for reasons of sex, nationality, race, religion, caste or creed.

5. The Society shall not distribute any part of its income or profits as dividend, gift or bonus or in any other way among its members, provided, nevertheless that office-bearers, workers and other employees shall not be debarred from receiving remuneration or participating in grants because of their also being members of the Society.

 6. The Registered Office of the Society shall be at Anekanta, 23/1, Joy Narayan Banerji Lane, Baranagar, Kolkata- 700036, West Bengal.


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