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There is a joke in the public sphere that there are as much as 206 (the number of bones in the human body) communist parties (jokes apart!) and their factions within the Indian nation-state. It is no wonder that the confusion looming over the uniformity in their ideological position is beyond the shred of doubt. The CPI(M), the largest of these multiple factions, is currently the superrich owner of 569 crore assets (as per the ADR and National Election Watch’s Reports). Not only are they one of the richest national parties, they also have a history of maintaining double standards with regard to their ideological position. Common sense and a little bit of education tells us that a communist party ought to have a non-religious, non-capitalist programme of functioning. Yet, the CPIM has been seen across many instances to deviate from their Marxist-Leninist party line! They have openly participated in religious rituals, festivals etc. They have also promoted and encouraged the free flow of private capital.

What’s the matter with them? The following ensemble of hyperlinks, containing authentic reports from reliable sources, points towards this all-pervading hypocrisy of the largest Indian communist party.


A) We are not going to reiterate here the long and stained history of the CPI(M) characterized by manipulation, suppression of dissent, violent deeds and hypocritical stances (that include the Marichjhanpi refugee killings; killing of Farmers in Naxalbari; damn lies spread in the name of the then CM Prafulla Sen; Singur-Nandigram atrocities; Bantala event; burning of Ananda Margis;  the close relationship of the party with the far-right Jan Sangh in the 1980s, CPM supporting the election of Tapan Sikdar of the BJP by deploying “scientific rigging”; initiating SEZ at West Bengal; adopting the PPP model; handing over the CESC to the RPG; Bengal Lamp Scam; the famous patron-client relationship in the field of academic recruitments and promotions, popularly known as  ‘Anilayan’, i.e. late Com. Anil Biswas along with Com. Swapan Pramanik, who were allegedly controlling the  academiocracy; even the then BJP candidate of Barrackpore, Mr. Arjun Singh consulted Mr. Tarit Topdar, CPIM to learn about scientific rigging, Mr. Rupchand Pal and Mr. Lakshman Seth’s RAF that deployed coercive measures for winning votes, and so on and so forth!) spread over several decades. However, we are selectively pointing out here some of the recent occurrences and policies that defeat the very ethos of Marx and his many spectres.

B)    1. a) New policy of CPM on private investments, trade unions to spark discussions VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 3rd March, 2022 ©mathrubhumi)

B)1.b). CPM’s new policy of dismantling labour concept; trade unions raises concern VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 3rd March, 2022 ©Kaumudi)

B) 1.c) Kerala govt to implement 12-hour single duty system in KSRTC VIEW HERE (As reported on 8th September, 2022, ©OnManorama)

Strange! CPIM is for privatization and against trade-unionism! Then what is wrong with other political parties, who are encouraging the free, unhindered flow of private capital?

B)2. a) In ideological shift, CPI(M) plans to actively take part in temple festivals VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 23rd March, 2022 ©The Hindu)

B) 2. b) Krishna, Marx together in Kerala CPM Janmashtami VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 6th September, 2015 ©Indian Express)

B. 2. c) Communists have taken control of Hindu temples for revenue, claims former SC judge VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 29th August, 2022 ©Scroll)

However, the participation of the CPIM in the course of explicit religious places of worship or rituals is nothing new. View the image below, which shows CPIM leaders openly taking part in religious activities, going against their own party programme:

We really love the expression of art and culture in any part of the world. However, we don’t want to utilize such cultural heritage for the sake of filthy, narrow political gains or vote-politics in the context of the crony capitalist society. Here, the CPIM is using temple festival as a mere means, not as an end-in-itself.  

B)3. a). As Opposition joins hands against K-Rail, CPM alleges ‘unholy political nexus’ VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on April 1, 2022 ©The Indian Express)

B.3.b) Kerala Police detains people protesting K-Rail Silver Line project VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on March 18, 2022 ©Deccan Herald)

When the BJP is determined to move forward with the Bullet Train project, i.e., promoting speed-capitalism by raping the natural world, CPM is simply mirroring or aping them by introducing the anti-green “K-Rail”! It is just like their ridiculous Ayodhya Hill Hydroelectricity Project, masterminded by the then Minister Shankar Sen.

ভাবাদিঘি ও ঠুর্গাঃ “উন্নয়ন” বনাম নিসর্গ VIEW HERE ⤡

View it on academia.edu:

ভাবাদিঘি ও ঠুর্গাঃ “উন্নয়ন” বনাম নিসর্গ @academia.edu VIEW HERE ⤡

B.4. a) 2 Kerala officials head to Gujarat to study e-governance initiatives. Barbs follow VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 27th April, 2022 ©Hindustan Times)

B.4. b) CPM-led Kerala government sends Chief Secretary to Gujarat to study dashboard system, sparks row VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 27th April, 2022 ©The Indian Express)

As the regimented CPM is mirroring the BJP, they are also consulting the BJP for proceeding with their “developmental” projects, which are funded by World Bank-IMF-WTO. Thus, the BJP is now the advisor of a so-called “Communist” Party!

B.5. ডলু চাবাগান উপড়ে ফেলেছে বুলডোজারতৈরি হচ্ছে গ্রীনফিল্ড এয়ারপোর্ট VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on May 15, 2022 ©Groundxero)

Assam starts uprooting 3 million tea plants to build airport amid protest VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 12th May, 2022 ©Hindustan Times)

Explained: Why fisherfolk in Kerala are protesting Adani’s under-construction Vizhinjam port VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 24th August, 2022 ©Indian Express)

The Trade Union of the CPM, viz., CITU, did not bother to consult the workers of the tea-gardens before agreeing to the anti-green Airport plan. CITU did not take any consent whatsoever from the workers before signing the relevant contractual documents.

B.6. Bikash Sinha, a staunch supporter of nuclear energy and the  honorary member of the Paschimbanga Vigyan Mancha, was accepting an Award (for a book the name of which nobody knows) from Mamata Banerjee VIEW HERE ⤡

It is also to be remembered that the CPM withdrew their support to the UPA government in 2008 for the reason of the India–United States Civil Nuclear Agreement (2005).

Left withdraws support to UPA govt VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 8th July, 2008 ©Times of India)

B.7. পৈতে থেকে পিণ্ডদান মেনে নিল সিপিএম VIEW HERE  (As reported on 22nd October, 2013 ©Ei Samay)

CDRO condemns the double standard of the CPIM-led LDF Government in Kerala on UAPA VIEW HERE (As reported on 23rd August, 2022 ©groundxero)      

A Communist Party is compromising with religious practices to gain votes. How can we distinguish between the conducts of the two regimented parties, CPIM and BJP if they play their political game by employing the very same religious card?

B.8. শিল্পায়নের স্বপ্ন দেখানো ভুল ছিলসংযুক্ত মোর্চা আরও বড় ভুল VIEW HERE  (As reported on 23rd August, 2021 ©TV9 Bangla)

How could many “historical mistakes” be committed by the official Communist Party? How many more?

B.9. Kerala allowed to raise Rs 5,000 cr loan but the crisis is far from over VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 16th May, 2022 ©The News Minute)

Despite the fact that Kerala is the happiest state in India⤡ ,  they are debt-ridden. However, the CPM party’s wealth is a staggering 569.519 crore (BJP declared 4,847.78 cr. worth of assets) as on 2021!

N.B. Both the regimented parties are reluctant to accept RTI as they are not “public authorities” ⤡!

B.10  Kerala: Police pulls Barkha Dutt’s ‘Shero’ Aysha Renna with her hijab for protesting against bulldozer action in UP VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 13th June, 2022 ©OP India)

Kerala police, led by the CPM-coalition, has forcefully obstructed the CAA-NPR-NRC movement in the state and also has hindered the voices of dissent against the Bulldozer Politics of the UP-BJP Government.

Kerala resumes detention centres construction as CAA talks come to fore VIEW HERE

As an equivocator, the CPIM is resisting the CAA-NRC-NPR and at the same time, they are constructing detention centres for incarcerating the so-called “intruders” as per the Hindutva narrative!

B.11.  Kerala gold smuggling case: CMO releases video to counter accused Swapna Suresh’s claims VIEW HERE  (As reported on 15th June, 2022 ©Hindustan Times)

How can one draw points of differentiation amidst Abhishek-Rujira Banerjee (of the AITC) Gold-Smuggling (Alleged) case and the Kerala Gold Smuggling by the CM and his coterie themselves?

Hence, the story of the Indian Communist party continues in its egoistic, utterly hypocritical, alienated politics of pretentious happenings…


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    CPI (M) can be renamed as OPI(M) ie OPPORTUNIST PARTY OF India (Money minded)

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  4. An announcement

    I requested to be relieved of my posts and responsibilities in CPIML since I needed to pursue certain troubling political questions: questions it was not possible to explore and express in my responsibilities as a CPIML leader. The party Central Committee has agreed to my request.
    These questions include:
    1. The need to recognise the importance of defending liberal democracies with all their flaws against rising forms of authoritarian and majoritarian populisms not just in India but around the world
    2. The need to recognise that it is not enough to discuss the Stalin regime, USSR, or China as failed socialisms but as some of the world’s worst authoritarianisms that serve as a model for authoritarian regimes everywhere.
    3. The conviction that for our fight for democracy against fascism and growing totalitarianism in India to be consistent, we must acknowledge the entitlement to the same democratic rights and civil liberties for all people across the world, including subjects of socialist totalitarian regimes past and present.

    I am deeply thankful for my political journey of nearly three decades with CPIML, AISA and AIPWA and these movements will continue to be a part of my life.
    I will be writing on the substantive issues mentioned above, soon, to share my thinking as it evolves. But I do not wish to address media further (beyond this statement) on the question of my being relieved from CPIML leadership.

    Kavita Krishnan
    Marxist feminist and civil liberties activist
    September 1, 2022


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