Corrupt BJP’s crafted DHFL Scam: SOS from the DHFL Victims: a letter to the Delhi Government

Posted on 09/05/2021


Sri Arvind Kejriwal 

Honourable Chief Minister, 

Government of Delhi


Manish Sisodia

Honourable Deputy Chief Minister, 

Government of Delhi

Sub: Corrupt BJP’s crafted DHFL Scam: SOS from the DHFL Victims

Dear Sri  Kejriwal  and Sri Sisodia,

Hope both of you and your family are doing well amidst the pandemic, state terrorism and counter-terrorism, climate crisis, corruption, gender and caste-class discrimination and financial abuse (India ranks 86th out of 180 countries [2021] in the Corruption Index)

We, the victims of DHFL SCAM, wish to inform you, the two great whistleblowers, some serious facts and figures collected from the press and social media.

Before, going to unveil the narratives of corruption performed by the contemporary ruling party, we wish to share the following sarcastic video (Duration: 5.27 min.)  


The above video-collage is tuned with Sant Kabirdas‘ (we are simultaneously referring to Kabir the society for Parivartan) song for the sake of theme-variation (mis)matching:

मन न रँगाये रँगाये जोगी कपड़ा / कबीरदास

मन न रँगाये रँगाये जोगी कपड़ा।। टेक।।
आसन मारि मंदिर में बैठे, नाम छाड़ि पूजन लागे पथरा।। 1।।
कनवां फड़ाय जोगी जटवा बढ़ौले, दाढ़ी बढ़ाय जोगी होइ गैले बकरा।। 2।।
जंगल जाय जोगी धुनिया रमौले, काम जराय जोगी होइ गैलै हिजरा।। 3।।
मथवा मुड़ाय जोगी कपड़ा रंगौले, गीता बाँचि के होइ गैले लबरा।। 4।।
कहहि कबीर सुनो भाई साधो, जम दरबजवाँ बाँधल जैवे पकरा।। 5।।

Now, it is high time to reveal the following scams, which are also related to the  DHFL SCAM ‘s, to the two precursors of The Jan Lokpal Act or Citizen’s Ombudsman Act (2013) ⤡. It is kindly to be noted that Ramakrishna Mission and probably Missionaries of Charity (along with several other Christian institutes) are also victims of this scam. In both these two institutes, Mr. Kejriwal served his philanthropic duties.


​Sangh Parivar is associated with the Islamic terrorist dons, viz., Dawood Ibrahim and his close associate Iqbal Mirchi, who are again related to Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (which is now under IBC) and its associate RKW Developers Private Limited (Dheeraj Realty). We are citing following reports:

BJP Received Donation From Company Being Probed for ‘Terror Funding’  VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 22nd Nov, 2019 ©The Wire)

“The Bhartiya Janta Party took a large donation from a company that is now being probed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for facilitating “terror funding,” (it is not crowd funding) financial declarations by the BJP itself reveal.

RKW Developers Ltd, a company at the heart of a probe by the ED for carrying out transactions with and buying properties from the late Iqbal Memon alias Iqbal Mirchi – an accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and a close aide of mafia boss Dawood Ibrahim – gave money to the ruling party, according to the BJP’s filings with the Election Commission.

In 2014-15, RKW, which is associated with the beleaguered Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL), gave Rs 10 crore to the party. This was also pointed out by CobraPost in January 2019.

While the BJP regularly receives larger sums from the various electoral trusts, which pool in donations from various corporate houses, no individual company donating on its own has given the party more than what RKW gave it.”

It is also to be noted here, the RKW-DHFL connection: “In 2014-15, RKW, which is associated with the beleaguered Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL), gave Rs 10 crore to the party” the report says, adding that this is the “highest donation given to the party from an individual company.” VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©The Quint)

BJP got funds from Mirchi-linked firm VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 23, 2019 ©The Times of India)

“Why did BJP receive crores in donation from a company accused of buying properties of Iqbal Mirchi? Is this not ‘treason’ Mr. Amit Shah?” Upping the attack, the Congress tweeted, “As it turns out, the ‘Modi Bond of Corruption’ ⤡ extends to terror funding companies as well. Companies associated with Iqbal Mirchi have donated crore of rupees to BJP. PM Modi and Amit Shah must answer on these treasonous acts.”

BJP received donation from company being probed for ‘terror funding’ by ED  VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©The National Herald)

“Links to Iqbal Mirchi, terror funding companies & a litany of organisation being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate, the BJP’s Electoral Bond Scandal may have crossed over from Corruption to Treason.”

Hypocrisy much? Report says BJP received huge funding from terror-accused company! VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 © The Free Press)

Dawood Ibrahim associate financed election of Indian PM Modi: report VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 © Geo News)

Opposition accuses BJP of receiving money from firm under probe for ‘terror funding’ VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©Business Today)

Apart from this “terror funding”, we are citing some more examples of plutocratic crony and monopoly capitalism in contemporary India.


Some transparency activists are observing one-to-one correspondence between the BJP’s astronomically increased assets and abrupt bankruptcies: 

·  BJP’s Declared Assets Increased By 627% in 10 Years: ADR Report VIEW HERE  (as reported on October 17 2017 © Bloomberg Quint)

·        BJP highest earner in FY19 at Rs 2,410 crore; TMC’s income spikes 3,628%  VIEW HERE⤡ (as reported on January 16, 2020 ©Business Today)

·        BJP’s assets increased by 22% in 2017-18, Congress’ down by 15%: ADR VIEW HERE  (as reported on 01 Aug 2019 © Economic Times)

·        Amit Shah’s Son Delayed Filings, His Total Income Rose By 15000% From 2014-19: Report   VIEW HERE⤡ (As reported on 5 Nov 2019 ©The Logical Indian)

·        Amit Shah’s son’s 6 crore company got credit facility worth 97 crore, says Congress VIEW HERE  (As reported on 11 Aug 2018, ©National Herald)


Ø Explained: Why is the electoral bond scheme being opposed by transparency activists? VIEW HERE  (As reported on March 30, 2021 ©The Indian Express)

Ø Decoding India’s electoral bonds scheme VIEW HERE  (As reported on Nov 30, 2019 ©Observer Research Foundation)

Ø Electoral bonds and The Foreign Contribution Regulation (FCRA) amendments pave the way for unaccounted political funding. VIEW HERE  (As reported on Mar 31, 2018 ©The Economic Times)

Ø  At Rs 1,450 cr, BJP got 61% funding via Electoral Bonds before LS polls VIEW HERE  (As reported on Jan 10, 2020 © The Economic Times)

Ø Who made SBI accept expired electoral bonds sold in illegal window? Answer is, Modi government VIEW HERE  (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©Real Report)

Ø  SBI Lied In RTI Replies On Electoral Bonds VIEW HERE  (As reported on 28/01/2020 ©Huffpost)

Ø The Political Fix: How BJP’s ‘transparent’ electoral bonds threaten to reshape Indian democracy VIEW HERE  (As reported on Nov 25, 2019 ©The )

Ø Electoral Bonds: ‘No Public Interest’ in Revealing Details of Political Donors, Says Top RTI Body VIEW HERE  (As reported on 23 Dec, 2020 ©The Wire)

Ø Supreme Court refuses to stay sale of electoral bonds ahead of Assembly polls. VIEW HERE  (As reported on March 27, 2021©The Hindu)

ØPolitical parties yet to comply with RTI Act VIEW HERE  (As reported on March 21, 2019 © The Hindu)

Ø Electoral Bonds and Right to Information VIEW HERE  (As reported on 24 Dec, 2020 ©Drishti)

PM Cares Fund Scam:

Lack of transparency over Modi’s Covid-19 relief fund hurts Indian democracy VIEW HERE(As reported on 19 January, 2021, ©The Wire)

Modi-Shah Assets Scam:

•      503 Lok Sabha MPs including Amit Shah failed to furnish property details: RTI reply  VIEW HERE  (As reported on 23rd January 2020 ©The Indian Express)

•      PM Narendra Modi’s assets rise 52% in 5 years; affidavit says 0 criminal case, liabilities VIEW HERE  (As reported on April 26, 2019 ©India Today)

•      Modi’s 2019 Election Affidavit Raises Fresh Questions About His Land Assets VIEW HERE  (As reported on 30th April, 2019 © The Wire)

•      Did Narendra Modi omit details of his land assets in his election affidavits? VIEW HERE  (As reported on 15th April 2019 ©The Caravan)

Though Banks Technically Write Off Over Rs 68,000 Cr Loans, Choksi Among 50 Top Wilful Defaulters: RTI  VIEW HERE  during the pandemic situation, we, the victims of the DHFL SCAM⤡, are spending sleepless night with traumatic dreams.

Within this claustrophobic situation, we madly need our hard-earned money-oxygen, that is stuck due to the Consequences Of Crony And Monopoly Capitalism In India⤡

We strongly hope that your ever-accountable governance will help us to rescue us from our wretched condition during the pandemic.  

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Mrs. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Akhar Bandyopadhyay


बहुजनहिताय बहुजनसुखाय च॥

(“For the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many”)


  1. Rachit Kapoor says:

    Hon’ble Kejriwal & Sisodia Sir ,
    Plz save us 🙏🙏 and bring our hard earned money back from DHFL.
    Exhausted DHFL FD Holder.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Ishan Ajitnarayan Chakrabarty says:

    Honourable Delhi NCR CM Sir kindly save my mother from Death. She has 16 lacs FD blocked in DHFL FD. She can’t use her own money for her treatment.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Akhar Bandyopadhyay says:

    Reblogged this on Akhar Bandyopadhyay.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. ravindramahidhar says:

      Dear Shri Kejrival Ji & Sisodiya ji,

      This is high time for you to grab this opportunity given by us and utilize these facts, figures and supporting documents to help us to get back our hard earned old age survival saving money swallowed by business tycoons with the help of ruling party (under direction of PM & HM) i.e. central government by fighting on our behalf and to expose PM & FM. This will benefit all of us. You will get political gains and blessings from we innocent DHFL FD HOLDERS if we get back our invested money with till date interest.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Why are you appealing to political parties? All parties have their loopholes. They are blaming each other & they are funded by the same source. They have huge assets without any material production. Their projected ideologies are masks to hide their anti-people misdeeds. Therefore x party= y party= z party. #Heading_towards_Partyless_Society with decentralized local resource based self-reliant moneyless green economy based on socially necessary labour.

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