Posted on 26th April, 2021

Updated on 30th January, 2023






Dear Friends,

This is a new way to start a campaign at the digital platform.

In this way, Goutam Adani was removed from The UK, USA & Australia. 

Follow the following steps to start your movement to meet your goal.

  1. Open your e-mail;
  2. Start compose a mail;
  3. Put (Copy & Paste) the following e-mail addresses at the first recipients (“to”) box:,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,

4. Put (Copy & Paste)  these email addresses at CC:,,,,,,,,,

5. Put (Copy & Paste) the following email address at BCC

6. The following is the body of the text, which you can also (a) modify or edit, or (b) create a new text on your own as well:


The Honourable President,

Republic of India,

Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi- 110004

Sub: Wishing you a prosperous future after annihilating our family: DHFL FD Holders 

Respected Sir,

In connection with our letter (vide letter dated March 28, 2021): False allegations on the collusion among the BJP, Dawood-Mirchi and the DHFL: A Letter to the BJP President VIEW HERE ⤡we, the undersigned, are wholeheartedly supporting the ruling party for their benevolent and philanthropic works. 

We have nothing new to say to you. We, our family, are just viewing the face of imminent death.

We, on behalf of our family, wish you and your family good health and prosperity in the near future while keeping in mind the consequences of anthropogenic global heating (along with the sudden attacks of bacteria and viruses due to the melting of permafrost), which you can avoid easily. We need more and more developmental projects by taking loans from the IMF-WB-WTO to enhance the glocal heating, though the financial ecosystem is at stake.

We, on behalf of our family, thank you for all your efforts (especially the successful effects of demonetization, e.g, there are no cases like Yes Bank, PMC, DHFL, IL&FS or Lakshmi Vilas Bank) from the very depths of our hearts. We will forever remain obliged and grateful to your kind and noble soul. 

We are now embracing death due to financial abuse and the excellent hospital management during the pandemic!

Yours obediently,

[Put your name here] 

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया,
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद् दुख भागभवेत।
ऊँ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः । ।  


a) Put any one (or more than one) of the following posters (after downloading it from here) at the body of the email letter;



b) create your own posters along with your photo and put it at the body of the letter;

8. This is to request you to put this one poster below mandatorily at the end of the body of the email letter:


a) Twitter:

If you wish, you may tweet the screenshot of your emailed letter, while tagging the following Twitter accounts along with the adjoined hashtags:

@UN,@UNinIndia, ,@UN_Spokesperson, @rashtrapatibhvn @PMOIndia @narendramodi_in @AmitShah @nsitharaman @FinMinIndia @rsprasad @DasShaktikanta @RBI, @PiramalGroup

#dhfl #dhflscam #dhflfdholders #dhflncdholders #savethedhflfdholders #Save_DHFL_FD_NCD_Holders

b) Instagram:

If you wish, you may make a feed-post from your Instagram profile the screenshot of your emailed letter, while tagging the following Insta Handles along with the adjoined hashtags; you may also personally DM the following Insta-handles as well:

@presidentofindia, @narendramodi, @amitshahofficial, @nsitharaman, @ravishankarprasad

#dhfl #dhflscam #dhflfdholders #dhflncdholders #savethedhflfdholders #Save_DHFL_FD_NCD_Holders

c) Facebook:

Share it on your Facebook timeline or your page (if any), tagging the official pages of the President et al., the BJP and the RSS. Do not forget to put the hashtags, too:

#dhfl #dhflscam #dhflfdholders #dhflncdholders #savethedhflfdholders #Save_DHFL_FD_NCD_Holders

d) Pin the poster(s)/selfies (see point 10 below) of your choice through the Pinterest⤡ platform (Use it from your browser or you may also download it from Google Play Store on your Smartphone) .

e) Use the BJP’s own platform “Koo” (Download it from Google Play Store on your Smartphone), which is quite similar to Twitter. Share the posters/selfies (see point 10) along with the previously mentioned hashtags, tagging the following profiles:

@KailashOnline @piyushgoyal @Dev_Fadnavis @prakashjavadekar @republic @रिपब्लिक_भारत @sushilmodi @pandajay @ravishankarprasad @smritiirani @poonam_mahajan @ArjunRamMeghwal @joshipralhad @kishanreddybjp @officeofjaypanda @gauravbhatia @news18

#dhfl #dhflscam #dhflfdholders #dhflncdholders #savethedhflfdholders #Save_DHFL_FD_NCD_Holders

10. You may also print your own t-shirts, sarees, kameez or caps/ hoodies/dupatta etc., by printing any two (front and backside of the given clothing) of the above twenty-one posters. Wear that clothing of your choice, take a selfie and tweet it to the above tweet addressees.



in order to connect among ourselves and strengthen our collective pressure on the concerned authorities.


    1. Ashish sharan says:

      Please save the senior citizen hard earned money, and save their lifes.

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  1. Akhar Bandyopadhyay says:

    Reblogged this on Akhar Bandyopadhyay.

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  2. Ishan Ajitnarayan Chakrabarty says:

    Save us from Death. DHFL FD Holders Group Pan India

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  3. Luis says:


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  4. K vakula says:

    Save all senior citizens widows patients all we are keep on requesting for our own hard earned money give back our money

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