A Plea for Rescuing the Endangered DHFL FD Holders, planfully extinguished by the RBI-appointed COC: a letter to Shri Uddhav Bal Thackeray

Posted on 15/04/2021

In the early twentieth century, there were about 100,000 tigers in the wild with 9 subspecies

Now, that number is 3,900

Photo: Uddhav Bal Thackeray
Courtesy: Aditya Uddhav Thackeray


Mr. Uddhav Bal Thackeray, 

The Chief Minister,

Government of Maharashtra

Sub: A Plea for Rescuing the Endangered DHFL FD Holders, planfully extinguished by the RBI-appointed COC

Dear Mr. Uddhav Bal Thackeray, 

Hope that you and your family are doing well within this toughest situation caused by the pandemic. We appreciate your commendable role in resisting the ongoing Coronavirus Outbreak. Although, we do not know the causes behind such consequences: is it due to (a) the melting of permafrost as a result of global heating; or (b) deployment of bio-weapon to meet the Malthusian ‘positive’ checks on population, we earnestly desire the much-required herd immunity for resisting such deadly viruses.

We are dividing our letter in three parts for your convenience: the first part deals with the catastrophic natural ecosystem; the second part is on devastating financial ecosystem and the third part is our humble appeal to your counsel for relieving the victims of financial abuses.


First of all, we must convey our deepest gratitude to you and your family for the endless endeavour to protect the environment. You are the only chief minister in India, who could unimaginably say:

“Development not at cost of ecology—development projects will not be done at the cost of damage to the ecology and environment.”

Development not at cost of ecology, says CM at first wildlife board meet VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on AUG 08, 2020 © Hindustan Times)

None other than you in the legislative, executive and judiciary of the Indian Republic have emphasized on the anthropogenic glocal (global+local) heating (the greatest irreversible problem on the earth) without being bothered about the dictums of the World Bank-IMF-WTO for promoting the so-called “developmental” paradigm. We do not need sustainable development but sustainable retreat from development. We are also grateful to you for your deep concern over the conservation of floras and faunas. You are not only an able wildlife photographer; you are also a conservationist with a physician/health care giver’s mindset, thus your passion for nature and role as an executive have perfectly merged. Even you, along with your son, Mr. Aditya Uddhav Thackeray (Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment, Government of Maharashtra), have justifiably raised objections on the Draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification by the central government. Cf. TWEET ⤡

We are happy to note that as a Health Care Provider, you are not a climate-denialist and not suffering from boiling frog syndrome like the other politicians.

In fact, we are scared about the future of the vast coastal area of the Indian Territory, which is clearly at stake. Millions of climate refugees are already searching and are going to search for shelter in the near future.


Apart from such catastrophic “natural” ecosystem, we are also suffering from devastating financial ecosystem because ofCRONY AND MONOPOLY CAPITALISM IN INDIA: THE CASE OF DHFL SCAM⤡ .  We wish to draw your kind attention to a particular scam happened within our financial capital:



It is alleged that the Sangh Parivar is associated with the terrorist dons, viz., Dawood Ibrahim and his close associate Iqbal Mirchi, who are again related to Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited or DHFL (which is now under IBC) and its associate RKW Developers Private Limited (Dheeraj Realty). It is also to be noted that the DHFL National Office is just a stone’s throw away from your residence. In this context, we are citing the following reports for subscribing this allegation:

BJP Received Donation From Company Being Probed for ‘Terror Funding’  VIEW HERE ⤡(As reported on 22nd Nov, 2019 ©The Wire)

“The Bhartiya Janta Party took a large donation from a company that is now being probed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for facilitating “terror funding,” (it is not “crowd funding”) financial declarations by the BJP itself reveal.

RKW Developers Ltd, a company at the heart of a probe by the ED for carrying out transactions with and buying properties from the late Iqbal Memon alias Iqbal Mirchi – an accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and a close aide of mafia boss Dawood Ibrahim – gave money to the ruling party, according to the BJP’s filings with the Election Commission.

In 2014-15, RKW, which is associated with the beleaguered Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL), gave Rs 10 crore to the party. This was also pointed out by CobraPost on 29th January, 2019 .

While the BJP regularly receives larger sums from the various electoral trusts, which pool in donations from various corporate houses, no individual company donating on its own has given the party more than what RKW gave it.”

It is also to be noted here, the RKW-DHFL connection: “In 2014-15, RKW, which is associated with the beleaguered Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL), gave Rs 10 crore to the party” the report says, adding that this is the “highest donation given to the party from an individual company.” VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©The Quint)

BJP got funds from Mirchi-linked firm VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 23, 2019 ©The Times of India)

“Why did BJP receive crores in donation from a company accused of buying properties of Iqbal Mirchi? Is this not ‘treason’ Mr. Amit Shah?” Upping the attack, the Congress tweeted, “As it turns out, the ‘Modi Bond of Corruption’ ⤡ extends to terror funding companies as well. Companies associated with Iqbal Mirchi have donated crore of rupees to BJP. PM Modi and Amit Shah must answer on these treasonous acts.”

BJP received donation from company being probed for ‘terror funding’ by ED  VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©The National Herrald )

“Links to Iqbal Mirchiterror funding (or in Orwellian Newspeak, “Political Charity”) companies and a litany of organisation being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate, the BJP’s Electoral Bond Scandal may have crossed over from Corruption to Treason.”

Hypocrisy much? Report says BJP received huge funding from terror-accused company! VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 © The Free Press)

Dawood Ibrahim associate financed election of Indian PM Modi: report VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 © Geo News)

Opposition accuses BJP of receiving money from firm under probe for ‘terror funding’ VIEW HERE ⤡(As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©Business Today)

If such allegations (unsolicited collusion/nexus among BJP, Dawood-Mirchi, RKW developers and the DHFL) are believed to be “true” (BJP has not (a) filed  Defamation case against all these media houses or (b) banned all these above newspapers, who had reported such allegations against the BJP), it would be come under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002 (15 of 2002) ⤡ and Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act⤡.  IPC, Sections 121⤡ (abetting waging of war, against the Government of India), 126 ⤡ , 130⤡ can also be invoked. Thus, the laws go against the BJP, but not against the Government of India.

However, it is to be  emphasized that despite  the above-mentioned facts of  terror-funding and Electoral Bonds(2017) ⤡  –scandal,  the ruling party is safeguarded by the amendment to the Finance Act 2017 ⤡,(though opposed by the transparency activists). The central government has exempted political parties from disclosing donations received through electoral bonds:

Electoral bonds and The Foreign Contribution Regulation (FCRA) amendments pave the way for unaccounted political funding. VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Mar 31, 2018 ©The Economic Times)

The BJP is the biggest beneficiary (without any material production) for such introduction of bonds. In the years 2017-19, political parties received a total of Rs 2,760.20 crore from electoral bonds, of which Rs 1,660.89 cr or 60.17% was received by our party. At Rs 1,450 cr, BJP got 61% funding via Electoral Bonds before LS polls VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Jan 10, 2020 © The Economic Times).

Moreover, the following reports are also to be noted: 

Who made SBI accept expired electoral bonds sold in illegal window? Answer is, Modi government VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 22, 2019 ©Real Report)

Here it was reported that “Finance Ministry violated an anti-money laundering rule ⤡ by allowing expired electoral bonds worth Rs. 10 crore to be donated to an unidentified political party, or parties, soon after the May 2018 Karnataka state elections resulted in a hung assembly.”

It is also said that

SBI Lied In RTI Replies On Electoral Bonds VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 28/01/2020 ©Huffpost)

Moreover, the following report used an oxymoron, “transparently opaque” to describe Electoral bonds:

The Political Fix: How BJP’s ‘transparent’ electoral bonds threaten to reshape Indian democracy VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on Nov 25, 2019 ©The Scroll.in )

However, it is also to be noted that the apex court and Central Information Commission (CIC) is continuously providing support to the agendas of the ruling party—from the Rama Temple to the Electoral bonds:

Electoral Bonds: ‘No Public Interest’ in Revealing Details of Political Donors, Says Top RTI Body VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 23rd Dec, 2020 ©The Wire)

Supreme Court refuses to stay sale of electoral bonds ahead of Assembly polls VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on March 27, 2021©The Hindu)

It is strange enough to note that political parties could not be considered public authorities under the RTI, though all the political parties are for the people, by the people, of the people, i.e., they are dealing with the public sphere and still they are not public authorities!  

Political parties yet to comply with RTI Act VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on March 21, 2019 ©The Hindu)

Electoral Bonds and Right to Information VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 24 Dec 2020 ©Drishti)

Lastly, we must inform you that some of the DHFL FD-BOND-holders are suspecting one-to-one correspondence between unsolicited collusion/nexus among BJP, Dawood-Mirchi, RKW developers and the DHFL. Some of them are blaming the ruling party for their extreme misery due to the simulated and pre-determined DHFL-COC Scam. 

Their demands are enhanced after knowing the following facts:

·    BJP’s Declared Assets Increased By 627% in 10 Years: ADR Report VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on October 17, 2017 ©Bloomberg Quint)

·       BJP highest earner in FY19 at Rs 2,410 crore; TMC’s income spikes 3,628% VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on January 16, 2020 ©Business Today)

·      BJP’s assets increased by 22% in 2017-18, Congress’ down by 15%: ADR VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 1 August, 2019 ©The Economic Times)

UPDATED-ANALYSIS OF INCOME & EXPENDITURE OF NATIONAL POLITICAL PARTIES FOR FY 2018-19 VIEW HERE ⤡ (as reported on 25th June 2020)  ©Association for Democratic Rights in India (ADR)
ANALYSIS OF ASSETS & LIABILITIES OF NATIONAL PARTIES– FY 2016-17 and 2017-18 VIEW HERE ⤡ (as reported on 31 Jul 2019 © Association for Democratic Rights in India ADR)

Rs 13.33 cr or 99.75% of such donations without PAN as well as address details worth Rs 13.364 cr belong to the BJP.

Therefore, the FD-holders of the DHFL are smelling the rat in the DHFL-COC Resolution⤡ (The RBI-appointed COC scam is partially revealed here, we are working hardly to find out more about the COC conspiracy under the newly introduced IBC). Conspiracy theorists have alleged that this particular case is simulated, manufactured and crafted for handing over a running solvent company to a non-listed company (through reverse-merger), which is owned by the father of the damad (son-in-law, cf.  ‘Who takes Mudra loans, damaads?’ Sitharaman’s dig at opposition over crony capitalism remark as reported on Feb 12, 2021–the statement was targeted towards Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra) of a privileged business tycoon, who is preferred by the present ruling party. According to conspiracy theorists, it is usual in the context of crony and monopoly capitalism. 

The whole scenario makes us remember a cartoon by Late Balasaheb Thackeray. The cartoon is still relevant in the contemporary context:

The DHFL-COC scam also proves the failure of demonetization as it could not solve the problems of counterfeit money, black money, terrorism and money-laundering as promised by the Hon. Prime Minister.

Cartoon: Bal Keshav Thackeray


Source: Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) 

DHFL FD-holders are endangered… (Kind attention Mr. Tejas Uddhav Thackeray)

We are threatened and extinguished by the RBI-appointed COC…

We are going to be extinct…

We are not secured…

We are not even insured (Kind attention Mrs. Rashmi Thackeray, मिसेस मुख्यमंत्री)

It is our earnest request to you, as a Health Care Provider and conservationist, to kindly rescue us from this simulated and predetermined situation for extinguishing us from our dues! We are confident enough (“umeed) that we will definitely get back our dues. 

Cartoon: Bal Keshav Thackeray 

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Mrs. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Akhar Bandyopadhyay 



1. Mrs. Rashmi Thackeray, Editor, Samaana and Marmik

2.Mr. Sanjay Raut, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha  

3. Mr. Aditya Thackeray, Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment, Government of Maharashtra

4. Mr. Tejas Thackeray, Conservationist and Wildlife Researcher

बहुजनहिताय बहुजनसुखाय च॥

(“For the happiness of the many, for the welfare of the many”)


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