Requesting for introducing “Uniform Vegetarian Food Code” for all the Hindus: a letter to the President of India


In the midst of the totalitarian Hinduization process in the Indian republic by a religious extremist ruling political party, which is controlled by the fundamentalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh with its various militant gangs, the authors of this paper-letter conveyed their sceptic attitude towards this exclusivist Procrustean bed. The syncretic plurality of the SouthEast Asian cultural milieu is being totally ignored by the Sangh Parivar, when they are homogenizing an archetypical ethnographic version of “Hinduism”, which is again devoid of any epistemological standpoint. The authors sarcastically pointed out the paradoxes and inherent contradictions of the ‘Hindu’ religious umbrella by selecting a particular module, viz., the heterogeneous food-offerings (prasāda) of different “Hindu” temples. This letter, based on the surveys and fieldworks across different “Hindu” temples, deploys a non-violently militant deconstructive method to unveil the uncontradictory contradictions of the ‘construct’ or ‘historical a priori’ called “Hinduism”. This letter or otherwise research-paper was addressed to the President of India along with all the ‘Hindu’ fundamentalist group-leaders. The intended sarcasm of this paper-letter is deeply influenced by Brechtian satire to escape the plutocratic censorship of an authoritarian regime.



Requesting for introducing “Uniform Vegan Food Code” for all the Hindus: a letter to the President of India VIEW HERE ⤡

Akhar Bandyopadhyay


The Honourable President,

Republic of India,

Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi- 110004

Sub: Requesting for introducing “Uniform Vegetarian Food Code” for all the Hindus

Dear Sir,

We, the purely vegan Hindus, who are striving for “Homogenized, standardized and Pasteurized” (as it is found in packagedholy cow-milk)Hindu Dharma,are following codes and conducts of the RSS:

Vegetarianism, wearing saree, chanting mantras before meals: A complete RSS guide on values and ethics.VIEW HERE(As reported onJuly 15, 2017) ©International Business Times

However, we arefeelingshame and guiltin front ofgarvagha(womb-room of our shrines, thesanctum sanctorum) fordarśana(divine sight) of the living non-vegetarian Hindugods and goddessesas devoted audience.

We are unable to consume non-vegetarianprasāda(“gracious gift”) given to us in many of the Hindu shrines in India.

We are maintaining divine distance (as we are not…

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