Posted on 11th February, 2021

“…the crisis of capitalism (…) essentially (…) is due to the ill distribution of the world’s wealth; to its concentration in a few hands. And the disease seems to be of the essence of capitalism and grows with it till it eats and destroys the very system which created it.

“Whither India? Surely to the great human goal of social and economic equality, to the ending of all exploitation of nation by nation and class by class, to national freedom within the framework of an international cooperative socialist world federation.”

 Whither India? (1933), Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra,

I am really ashamed to share this image of the Laughing Buddha with you, where two antithetical and paradoxical items: Buddha (the enlightened one) and Money are put together. They are incompatible—incommensurable as well.

This type of representation makes me remember one poem, though you know it very well, by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan: बुद्ध और नाचघर(Shri Amitabh Bachchan’s excellent recitation of the poem is attached herewith) I cannot help but resist myself from citing some stanzas from the poem: 

बुद्ध भगवान,

अमीरों के ड्राइंगरूम,

रईसों के मकान

तुम्हारे चित्र, तुम्हारी मूर्ति से शोभायमान।

पर वे हैं तुम्हारे दर्शन से अनभिज्ञ,

तुम्हारे विचारों से अनजान,

सपने में भी उन्हें इसका नहीं आता ध्यान।

शेर की खाल, हिरन की सींग,

कला-कारीगरी के नमूनों के साथ

तुम भी हो आसीन,

लोगों की सौंदर्य-प्रियता को

देते हुए तसकीन,

इसीलिए तुमने एक की थी


However, we are not able to renounce our tanhā, therefore, we are requesting you to kindly look into this matter related to the scam of the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL):



Though we have written to the apex body of the government several times, they did not care to lend their ears to our concern. 

We, the FD Holders of the DHFL, are undergoing anxiety disorderchronic depressiontraumatic disorder, suicidal behavior disorderand other such ailments due to the clash between the IBC and the NHB Acts. The new era of banking industry under questionable IBC, 2016, defeats the ethos of nationalization of banking industry by revered Smt. Indira Gandhi (1969 onwards). It (a) antagonizes the dream of Nehruvian India that had promoted Fabian Socialistic ideology by minimizing free flow of private capital in the context of mixed economy; (b) is also against the Buddhist economy as proposed by E. F. Schumacher. 

Following that economics of a different type of austerity, we have planned a project to combat the consequences of anthropogenic glocal (global+local) heating as well as fascist and market fundamentalism. You may browse the project ĀTMADĪPA (indebted to the Lord Buddha) here:



We could not execute this project because of this crafted and simulated DHFL scam. 

We are at the verge of self-annihilation as we are terminated by the crony as well as monopoly capitalist ventures of the present regime. Therefore, I am citing some instances where the Lord Buddha himself subscribed the process of harming one’s own self:

The person who could get out of tanhā and the causes of tanhā, i.e., avidyā, can annihilate him/herself.

Example 1: Godhikā could not attain nirvādue to her physical illness. She decided to terminate herself by using a sword. Buddha admitted her plea for self-annihilation. (Kathābotthu)

Example 2: Even after spending seven years, Shihao could not achieve nirvāa. After putting rope around his neck, he achieved arhattattva and miraculously that rope loosened up. (Therigāthā)

Example 3: Svapnadās, due to his physical illness, could not practice the necessary sādhanā for achieving nirvāa. After taking the decision to annihilate himself, he achieved the nirvāa.

Example 4: Vakkāli loved to admiringly stare at the divine body of the Lord Buddha. For this type of infatuation, Buddha expelled him. Vakkāli decided to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. The Buddha endorsed his resolution.

These instances are in no way related to our present concern since we are frantically hankering after the money-signifier, which are being stolen by the sreshins in collusion with the unlawful katriyas; we are not śramanas, devoid of all the earthly tanhās. Therefore, we, the lesser mortals, are not able to “enjoy” (jouissance) the consequences of vipāssana. We need our money-signifier back from the DHFL or else we have no other way but to commit suicide.  

I am reiterating, in the context of DHFL scam, some excerpts from a popular film, ENTER THE DRAGON (1973), for our enemy-less non-violent defensive (like tenkan in aikodo or rope-a-dope) fight for getting back our lawful dues (Movie sequence attached):

Teacher: I see your talents have gone beyond the mere physical level. Your skills are now at the point of spiritual insight. I have questions: what is the highest technique you hope to achieve?

Lee: To have no technique.

Teacher: Very good. What are your thoughts when facing an opponent?

Lee:  There is no opponent.

Teacher: And why is that?

Lee:  Because the word “I” does not exist. (We are remembering here Nāgārjuna’s concept of śūnyatā—the construction of the null selfhood)

Teacher: So. Continue.

Lee: A good fight should be like a small play, but played seriously. A good martial artist does not become tense, but ready. Not thinking, yet not dreaming. Ready for whatever may come. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself.

Teacher: Now, you must remember the enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy. The “it” that you refer to is a powerful weapon, easily misused by the martial artist who deserts his vows.  

Please help us in destroying the image (the representation, pratibimbana) of the so-called opponent by self-defensive non-violent means.

Following the ethos of (a)parigraha, we do not know what we shall offer you in exchange for your future efforts to rescue us from these maladies in relation to our sufferings due to DHFL scam. A packet of Parmesan cheese perhaps, or a dish of momo, Indian handlooms and handicrafts, some items on ethnic arts, an album of folk and classical music, a book by or on Swami Vivekananda, a book or movie on football or something (that can answer the question of suffering) on non-coercive anti-psychiatry/logotherapy that defeats the logic of DSM???

We are motivated and actuated by your “never quit” attitude by remembering all of your roles in the context of the Nirbhaya case (2012).

Yours Sincerely, 

Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Mrs. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Akhar Bandyopadhyay



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    Counter the privatization motives of the present Modi-Shah Regime by reinstating the ideals of the Nehruvian Socialist India! Justice to all the DHFL FD Holders in their fight!

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  2. Why are you appealing to political parties? All parties have their loopholes. They are blaming each other & they are funded by the same source. They have huge assets without any material production. Their projected ideologies are masks to hide their anti-people misdeeds. Therefore x party= y party= z party. #Heading_towards_Partyless_Society with decentralized local resource based self-reliant moneyless green economy based on socially necessary labour. Resist theocratic government with NOTA & demand “Right to Recall”.

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