Posted on 15th December, 2021

Updated on 5th May, 2023 (GMT 08:14 hrs)

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Remembering the unforgettable contribution of Ajay Piramal’s grandfather, the great philanthropist Seth Piramal Chaturbhuj Makharia from Bagar, Rajasthan

Bio-data of Ajay Piramal -1 VIEW HERE ⤡

Bio-data of Ajay Piramal -2 VIEW HERE ⤡

Ajay Piramal is a follower of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda tradition; a devotee of Sri Radhanath Swami, who acts according to the dictums of the Gita.

Ajay Piramal hypocritically smashing the Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma (a letter to Śrīmat Rādhānātha Svāmī) VIEW HERE ⤡

Ajay Piramal is using Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma as his mask
Ajay Piramal is pretentiously making use of the Gauḍiya Vaiṣṇava Dharma as his disguise

Above all, he is also the father-in-law of Isha Ambani (née Piramal), the only daughter of Mukesh-Nita Ambani, the favoured business tycoon of the Modi-Shah gang.


The secret behind Ajay Piramal’s success VIEW HERE (As reported on 8th November, 2005 ©Rediff.com)          

The Sad Reason Why This Indian Billionaire Refuses To Invest In India VIEW HERE (As reported on 27th December, 2011 ©The Insider)   


In Selling Firm to Piramal Group as Minister, Piyush Goyal Pushes Ethical Boundaries VIEW HERE (As reported on 28th April, 2018 ©The Wire)       

Piramal Group deal: Cong demands Piyush Goyal’s removal over ‘financial fraud’  VIEW HERE (As reported on 29th April, 2018 ©The Deccan Chronicle)       

Piyush Vedprakash Goyal is a politician and cabinet minister of the Government of India led by the Bharatiya Janata Party, having portfolios such as Minister of Textiles, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. He was elevated to the Cabinet Minister position on 3 September 2017.

SEBI Finds Piramal Enterprises, Ajay Piramal Guilty Of Violating Insider Trading Regulations VIEW HERE (As reported on 3rd October, 2016 © BloombergQuint)

SAT sets aside Sebi’s order against Piramal Ent, others in insider trading control lapses case VIEW HERE (As reported on 15th May, 2019 ©The Business Standard)         

Piramal Enterprises fined Rs.6 lakh for insider trading VIEW HERE (As reported on 5th October, 2016 ©The News Bytes)       



Section 15G: Penalty for insider trading VIEW HERE ⤡

An Instance of Punishment for Insider Trading: Rajat Gupta

Rajat Gupta and Goldman’s Insider Trading Bombshell VIEW HERE ⤡

Rajat Gupta fined $13.9 million for insider trading VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 18th October, 2016 ©The Hindu)

Why is Ajay Piramal not punished yet for such similar insider trading?


“AJAY PIRAMAL would not hesitate to step down from the Tata Sons board if there is a sense of conflict of interest after his acquisition of DHFL, Piramal Group chairman told Anup Roy and Vishal Chhabria in an interview.”

Will step down from Tata board if there’s a conflict, says Ajay Piramal VIEW HERE (As reported on 30th September, 2021©The Business Standard)      

Ajay Piramal, a person with legal conflicts,

is trying tooth and nail to occupy DHFL by forcible, unfair means!

Ajay Piramal coercively trespassing DHFL without clearing the ongoing legal cases with the help of the crony ruling party


An Introduction to Law of Torts: Meaning, Nature and Essential elements VIEW HERE ⤡

Constitutional Tort VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 24th August, 2021 ©LiveLaw)

#ScrapIBC: a plea from #DHFL_Victims

R. Subramaniakumar, along with Ajay Piramal, hurriedly went to the NCLAT to nullify the NCLT First Verdict regarding the DHFL case without presenting any argument.

For more information on the above matter, consult the following document: A WHITE PAPER ON THE DEWAN HOUSING FINANCE CORPORATION LTD. (DHFL) VIEW HERE ⤡

Therefore, the Twitter suspended Piramal Capital & Housing Finance‘s account, which was trying to use the username “@DHFL_India“, after massive reporting of the said account by the DHFL Victims. Thanks to Parag Agrawal, CEO, Twitter ⤡!

The link to the suspended account: https://twitter.com/DHFL_India

Swati Piramal dismisses activist’s complaint of illegal tree chopping on Mumbai bungalow site VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on 26th May, 2015 ©The Economic Times)

and history repeats itself (2015 to 2021)…

P. S. Autodidact economist Henry George in his book Progress and Poverty (1879) said that the meaning of “development” is nothing but the accumulation of unearned increment by the real-estate developers. Mr. Piramal is no exception! In addition to that, he is a cunning real-estate developer. The following videos by Mr. Krishnaraj Rao unveil the tricks of Piramal Realty:

Mr. Piramal does not consider one variable: anthropogenic glocal heating in relation to his chosen locations: Mumbai, Thane etc. The Indian coastal area is at stake due to the consequences of glocal heating. It is redundant to say that Mumbai, with an elevation of only 10-11 mtrs, will sink very soon⤡, resulting in the creation of a large number of climate refugees. One must keep in mind the consequences of glocal heating when real-estate customers are going to buy flats in such climate risk zones.

Kindly note that Piramal Enterprises committed a grievous sin against the mother nature by polluting one of the pañca-mahā-bhūta, viz., water:

NGT refuses blanket stay on EC to be paid by Piramal VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported on March 26, 2021 ©The Times of India)


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