Requesting for your kind advocacy for the distressed FD Holders of the DHFL: a letter to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad

Then Brahmā went into meditation for twelve thousand years. When he opened his eyes, he saw a man holding pen, ink-pot and a mystique notepad in his hands and a sword girdled to his waist. Brahmā said, “Since you have been created from my body (kāyā), your children would thereby be called Kāyasthas. Moreover, since you have been conceived in my mind (citra) in secrecy (gupta), thou shalt be known as Citragupta.”

भगवान श्री चित्रगुप्त जी स्तुति – जय चित्रगुप्त यमेश तव!

Statue of Citragupta, Khandoba temple, Maharashtra

जय देव देव दयानिधे, जय दीनबन्धु कृपानिधे।

कर्मेश जय धर्मेश तव, शरणागतम् शरणागतम्॥


Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad,  

Honourable Cabinet Minister,

Ministry of Communications, Electronics & Information Technology

and Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India

Sub: Requesting for your kind advocacy for the distressed FD Holders of the DHFL

Dear Shri Prasad,

We, the anguished DHFL-FD-holders, first of all thank you for your greatest endeavour to make Digital Indian ecosystem successful through the Common Service Centres. Without that much-needed digital revolution, we cannot write such an E-letter to you. Citragupta’s pen, ink-pot and mystique notepad are supplemented by the digital archive by his apt inheritor.  

We, the distressed DHFL-FD-holders, are appealing to you, addressing you not as an Honourable Cabinet Minister for Law and Justice, but: 

  • as a descendant of Lord Citragupta, who has been assigned with the task of keeping record of humankind’s karma by registering the good and evil actions of all sentient beings;  
  • as a Citraguptavaṅśī kṣatriya bearer of the legal suitcase of the Lord Ram Lalla, the perpetual minor, of the Rama temple


  • as a human rights and civil liberty activist

As Lord Yama’s (the Death) archiver, this is to inform you for the sake of your (digital) record, that we, the DHFL FD-holders, are now embracing the Death,Yama or Kāla, due to our unknown karmaphala as stored in our adṛṣṭa. We are shot at and wounded by financial assailants and are profusely bleeding because of the clashes among the RBI act, the NHB Act and the newly introduced IBC. Moreover, some sceptics are Smelling the rat in the DHFL-COC Resolution Process⤡

The incommensurability among these acts and codes are performing like Munna Kumar Rai the assailant. However, there is no provision for first aid; no chopper to take us to a nearby hospital and there is no surgeon to remove the fragments of bullets from our docile corporeal.

This incommensurability among the laws and code is an anupapatti (untenable argument) for us—we wish to call it arthānupapatti, i.e., we dare to add this special eighth category for depicting our miseries to the sapta anupapattis (The Seven Great Untenables) ofĀcārya Rāmānuja’s Śrībhāṣya.

This type of anupapatti is related to one of the caturvargas, viz., artha. Here, artha has two-fold meanings: 

(a) money, wealth, property etc., and the material signifiers in general; 

(b) the paramārtha or transcendental or absolute meaning of life, i.e., the nirgua Brahman

The meaning (b) is beyond the reach of lesser mortals like us. We are appealing to you for the meaning (a).  

As far as we understand, the lengthy bureaucratic and legal paraphernalia for handing over a prosperous company to a non-listed company defeat the spirit of Kauṭilya’s Arthaśāstra’s almost 40 principles on embezzlement (BOOK 2, Chapters 8 and 9), especially the following:

1.        What is collected in full is shown as collected in part

2.        What is collected is of one sort, when what is entered is of another sort,

3.        What is realized from one source, is shown as realized from another source

4.        What is payable is not paid

5.        What is not payable is paid

6.        What is payable is not paid in time e.g. delaying payments with a view to receive a bribe or to conceal interest on the principal.

7.        What is payable is paid earlier e.g. payment before due date for a consideration

8.        Small gifts are accounted as large gifts, when giving gifts (to the chosen business tycoon)

9.        Large gifts are accounted as small gifts, when receiving gifts

10.      What is gifted is of one sort, when what is entered is of another sort

11.      Commodities of greater value exchanged for those of smaller value

12.      Commodities of smaller value exchanged for those of greater value

13.      Value of goods deflated, by decreasing the price

14.      Number of days increased, e.g. with a view of misappropriating wages and interest etc.

If all such embezzlements (these are not allegations, but suffering common citizens’ observations) occur within the ambit of governmentality, what shall the FD-holders of DHFL perform? How do we preserve our mānavagotra (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्) by following the sanātana dharma?How could we depend on the preservers of sanātana dharma

Therefore, there are not only arthanupapatti among the laws and codes, but also with the sanātana dharma. Cf. FOLLOWING THE SANĀTANA DHARMA: GREEDY ACCUMULATION OR RENUNCIATION? QUESTIONS FROM AILING DHFL FD HOLDERS TO THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA VIEW HERE  How can we establish our Hindu Court (cf. Country’s 1st ‘Hindu court’ on lines of Sharia system⤡) without obeying such injunctions of our sacred scriptures? 

We are seeking atyantanivṛttiḥ (cf. Saṁkhya darśana) of our sufferings (ādhi) by unveiling the golden lid from the face of truth, cf.,

False allegations on the collusion among the BJP, Dawood-Mirchi and the DHFL: A Letter to the BJP President VIEW HERE 

We are humbly requesting you to point out three pillars of United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights  in the context of the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL)’s resolution plan.  Especially we are emphasizing on the third pillar in this context, “Access to remedy for victims of business-related abuses”.

Though, we know the sad truism that “international law is the vanishing point of jurisprudence”,  still we, the DHFL FD holders, who are going to be “extinguished”, are appealing to your kind self for pleading for our human rights in accordance with law.  In the context of the DHFL, we are being sentenced to a different type of “capital” punishment, whereas Rs. 68K Crore loans of 50+ willful super-rich defaulters had been written off by the Indian banks ⤡. We are not debtors like them; we are not even people with legal conflict (“criminals”), we are investors—why should we then suffer or bear such pain?      

Though we know that we are carrying coal to new castle as all these are known facts to you as you have the versatile knowledge in the field of international law. 

We think that the Reserve Bank of India needs to take human rights more seriously and it should meet their human rights responsibilities without compromising the independence. It needs to meet their monetary and financial responsibilities for greening the financial eco-system (as decided by the 36 central banks and banking supervisors in the “Central Bank and Supervisors Network”, July 2019).  

You can, if you kindly wish, turn the whole table for us, the wretched of the earth as you had done it in case of the Fodder Scam. We are spending sleepless nights for such (probably) crafted and simulated financial abuse that goes against the basic human rights. 

Though we cannot afford your fees in terms of money-signifier, we hope that you will be blessed by the individual FD holders of DHFL and the prominent institutes that include the Air Force, UPPCL, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sasakawa-India Leprosy Foundation and so many other eminent organizations. 

We are at the door of the Chitragupta Temple, Khajuraho, waiting for either imminent death or justice.

Yours Faithfully,


Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

Mrs. Rupa Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Akhar Bandyopadhyay



  1. Akhar Bandyopadhyay says:

    Reblogged this on Akhar Bandyopadhyay.

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    1. Kvakula says:

      Either justice or imminent death– there is no other option.

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  2. Ishan Ajitnarayan Chakrabarty says:

    Save us Dr Ravishankar Prasad my mom is dying. Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 help us.

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  3. K Vakula says:

    Sir Ravi Shankar all most all DHFL scam sufferers are senior citizens they need their hard money in this hard situation country is facing hard days at the same time DHFl FD holders since long time facing trouble s give back our money do justice to us

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  4. Rachit Kapoor says:

    Dr.Ravishankar Prasad please save us to returned our hard earned money which become a life time Savings for all of us from DHFL,

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  5. Rakesh says:

    Sir, invested 20 years of defence savings. 2 daughters studies, mother’s medical expenses, help us

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  6. J V S LAL says:

    Dr. Ravi Shankar Sir” Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshith ha”. Kindly save all this investors who had invested thier years of hard earned money either to take care of their children needs or to take care of thier own at the Twee light of thier life. Kindly do justice.

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  7. KennethBromi says:

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  8. Why are you appealing to political parties? All parties have their loopholes. They are blaming each other & they are funded by the same source. They have huge assets without any material production. Their projected ideologies are masks to hide their anti-people misdeeds. Therefore x party= y party= z party. #Heading_towards_Partyless_Society with decentralized local resource based self-reliant moneyless green economy based on socially necessary labour.

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